Posted by: seanmalstrom | May 17, 2014

Everyone watch Pachter with Adblock

That second question was my type of question!

While I sympathize with struggling writers, the truth is that no one is entitled to a certain profession. If people skate around ads and it dooms an industry, perhaps that industry deserved to be doomed. Intellectual labor no longer has value. Even lawyers are struggling.

Would gaming be worse off if all the ‘professional’ sites and ‘gaming message forums’ died due to no one using their ads? Do you know what gaming would look like then?

Game sites would become a labor of love like the shrine sites of the 1990s and 1980s. We would get real-talk from gamers instead of inflated review scores because the site has an ad for that game. Ads are not ENABLING gaming media, they are DESTROYING gaming media. Pachter’s tantrum highlights the threat that adblocks have.

Above: Gaming doesn’t need this crap.


“What would gaming media be like? It would be run by anarchists!” No. It would be sites like Malstrom being the voice of gaming instead of IGN, Gamespot, gaming message forums, etc. It would be people who are GIVING instead of people who are trying to fund their nerd-zilla gaming lifestyle.

Can you imagine if gaming media writers had to get REAL JOBS? Imagine if they had to be plumbers, technicians, or engineers. Suddenly, the discourse of gaming would shape up fast. All the hardcore crap would evaporate as value of time would go up. It would be like gaming in the 1980s.

It would be a Golden Age.

So everyone use adblock!



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