Posted by: seanmalstrom | May 29, 2014

Email: Steambox is really nothing but hot vaporized water at this point

Seriously, Valve Corporation keeps saying that they’re going to release these Steam boxes soon, but all we’re getting at this point is a bunch of web posts saying that they’re still working on it and it’s not ready for prime time yet:

If they were really serious about this thing, they’d actually have the balls to go to various game trade shows and at least show off the prototypes to people for their feedback. And if the public doesn’t like the product and gives them genuine feedback about it, that’d help cut down their R&D time and give them some insight as to what specifically to focus on. It worked wonders when Blizzard did it for Starcraft.

I get the feeling that the only reason we got this recent blip about Valve Corporation’s controller update is because they have no presence at E3 this year and everyone’s probably going to forget about them because Nintendo, Sony, and heck, even Microsoft are going to be talking about stuff that they’re actually going to release by the end of this year.

I’d say the Valve Corporation is really nothing but hot vaporized water at this point. Is the Valve Corporation even INTERESTED in making games? Apparently not. Where is the Half-Life 3? It is going to give Duke Nukem Forever a run for its money in vaporware.

What’s the difference between Valve Corporation and EA? EA actually makes games.

If Valve Corporation was a public company, investors would question why the company has stopped making games and what is going on with the Steambox. If Nintendo wasn’t a public company, you would see nothing but Gamecube games and ‘omg 3d’ selling to a couple million people worldwide with no emphasis on growth.

I think Valve Corporation is the most overrated company in the Game Industry. Gabe Newell? The same.





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