Posted by: seanmalstrom | May 29, 2014

Email: The bottom didn’t fall out; this is just an anemic launch

April 2013:
PS3 – 211K
360 – 261K

April 2014:
PS4 – 199K
XbOne + 360 – 186K
PS3 – ???

If Sony didn’t sell a single PS3, that’s an 87K difference. Also,
consumers spent slightly more money (up 20%), while spending slightly
less on games (down 10%).

I think we’re hitting the end of exponential growth in consumer
computing-based entertainment technology. Remember, HDTV growth was
slow, too. 4K growth will probably be even slower.

There was a time when gasoline engines got exponentially better every
few years, too, you know.

I don’t mean the bottom falling out on the Generation 8 consoles but on the Generation 7 ones and the software. I’m hearing that the Game Industry was expecting a salad year or two with the Gen 7 consoles during the transition period. Gen 7 games are still very expensive to make. I wonder if the lack of backward compatibility in PS4 and XOne is a cause.




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