Posted by: seanmalstrom | May 29, 2014

Wii U turns into Gamecube HD

Start at 2:19 to see the new ‘adapter’.

1) I like the idea of adapters because I like being able to choose WHATEVER controller I want for my game console. More options for controllers is better. This is one reason why Wii worked so well as it could turn into different controllers.

2) This hints at a Gamecube Virtual Console but also hints at more Gamecube HD games. Sunshine HD? Metroid Prime HD?

3) This also shows how poor the Gamepad design is especially for local multiplayer games.

4) It confirms that Nintendo’s thinking with the Wii U is not Wii Next Gen but Gamecube Revisited. Just like the 3DS was designed to popularize 3d (and not gaming), Wii U was designed to popularize Gamecube-esque games (and not gaming in general).

5) Nintendo has never made an official port for NES, SNES, or N64 controllers. I had to go to Retrozone for my SNES converter. Maybe Nintendo thinks the former controllers are covered with the Pro Controller. SO WHY NOT USE THAT INSTEAD? Even on a GC VC, the controls can be remapped. That would make Mega Man Collection actually worthwhile. Nintendo pushing GC VC is Nintendo pushing the Gamecube-esque type of gaming they really, really want to do. They despise making games like Wii Sports, NSMB, and Brain Age and would rather make more 3d Mario, more Aonuma Zelda, and the other various games no one bought that appeared on the Gamecube.

6) Sakurai is abusing his power and making Nintendo manufacture something for a SINGLE game. These goddamn software developers literally do think they are BUSINESS GENIUSES. If this adapter is primarily for Smash, I’m going to laugh as it falls on its face.

7) Nintendo is putting too many eggs in the Smash Brothers basket. Smash was the best selling game… ON THE GAMECUBE. And we know how terrible Gamecube sales were. Smash wasn’t much of a hardware mover for the Wii.

Above: Gamecube HD! LOL!




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