Posted by: seanmalstrom | May 30, 2014

Email: Gamecube HD

Hey there. Just saw your posts about the cool (but weird) gamecube controller adapter for the wii u and I think too that it’s suspicious.

But then again, it is? I have the feeling that the Wii U. not being a mainstream console like the Wii or the 3DS was , just made nintendo realize that there’s no hope for it in there and will aim completely to Nintendo fanboys (a.k.a N64 Kids) whom love the Gamecube and made a tantrum for not being able to play smash bros. with a GC controller. I really doubt this adapter it’s expensive to make anyway so why not? they can only rely on the fanboys for the console to stay afloat so more power to them, I guess. That and maybe to make fans prepare for the N64 and GC VC games that they hinted like a year ago.

Personally, I do enjoy playing Smash bros. with the GC controller more than the other ones but I don’t NEED it to play it. the Classic controller does a good enough job with it.

But anyway, until they say anything more, it’s just speculation by now.

see ya!

It does seem like it is made for Smash. Question: how are Smash players going to play the 3DS version? Will Nintendo make a Gamcube controller themed 3DS? “Malstrom, your question is preposterous! The 3DS has a general control layout that any Smash fan can use.” So is the Wii U Pro controller. If the Pro Controller is not good enough for Smash and needs additional hardware, why not for the 3DS version as well?

While the question is rhetorical in nature, it is to point out the absurdity for the adapter to be about one game (if it is just about Smash. We will see soon).





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