Posted by: seanmalstrom | May 31, 2014

Dear Hardcore Gamers Who Shelled Out $75 to sit in Wildstar Queue…

This link is for you!

“What are you waiting for?” It’s bad enough to waste your life in a MMORPG, it is worse to waste it sitting in a queue.

I know some people playing the game, and they are “This is teh new Vanilla WoW!” Boy, have we heard THAT before!

One thing that has undeniably changed with the MMORPG population is that it has become more hardcore. WoW was most people’s first MMORPG. Some came from Everquest, but WoW was most people’s first. Is Wildstar getting people who have never played a MMORPG? I doubt it. I bet most of the people trying to log in are hardcore MMORPG players. While WoW was evergreen and kept growing over time, I expect Wildstar to be lopsided with all the activity at the start. Since MMORPG players have become hardcore, they are very adept at clearing content very quickly. Now, maybe Wildstar has enough content for these people. But is that probable? These are people who apparently don’t have a job and just sit at home all day and play the game. How do you SATISFY these people? You can’t!

I was there at WoW’s launch. Here is what the Blizzard people tell me. They obviously were overwhelmed when WoW came out, but the first clear indicator that WoW was going to be a blockbuster was at the WoW Launch Event. Before at Blizzard, they had a generally decent showing for their games’ launch events. But for WoW, every parking lot was filled. There were crowds. I remember picking up WoW from Walmart when it released at midnight. I wasn’t the only one that showed up but a dozen others too which was eerie. I hadn’t seen anything like the WoW launch until the Wii launch.

I think Wildstar is playing to veteran MMORPG players which means the dropout rate is going to come fast and hard. Let’s see where the game is in a few months.



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