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Email: Nintendon’t

Hi Master Malstrom, take a look at the new meaning of “Nintendon’t“.

If the lost gamecube bc was simple enough for people at home to activate, then I believe that we will have Gamecube games showing up on the VC soon. Using the love of the GC controller by Smash players can be a way to bring in the Gamecube VC games. It’s actually a good promotion for it. Play on peoples nostalgia, give them something new and something old. Then bam, give them a reason to use their controller for other games that will continue to feed upon that nostalgia.

It probably isn’t going to cause Wii U sales to skyrocket. Instead, Nintendo seems to be doing what the rest of the industry does. By taking advantage of the hardcore gamer to an extreme level, they’re going to try their best to squeeze as much blood as they possibly can from the few stones that have Wii U’s.


If GC VC comes, we should all remember how well Nintendo promoted the Wii Virtual Console (they didn’t promote it at all). We had no idea why the Wii VC wasn’t promoted. The most popular guess is that all the consumer money for Wii VC goes straight to Japan so the branches had no reason to promote it. Another theory is that Nintendo had no idea what they were doing with and were afraid that by promoting it, they were hurting Wii software retail sales and Wii Ware games. Iwata did mention how a friend of his bought nothing but VC games on his Wii and said, “Look at this! I can get all these games for cheap and not have to buy any Wii ones.”

Ever since 2008, I’ve been harboring a theory that Nintendo hates what built modern Nintendo. They dislike NES Era. We know Miyamoto hates Super Mario Brothers 3. We know Aonuma hates Legend of Zelda. We know Sakamoto hates Metroid as we know it. It seems like the N64 Era to them was a transition from the ‘hell years’ and Gamecube Era was What Things Are Supposed To Be. Zelda is always supposed to be like Wind Waker. Mario is always supposed to be like Sunshine. Pikmin is supposed to popular. Thank God for Retro and Metroid Prime as Retro were actual fans of Super Metroid, Metroid, and Metroid II gameplay (unlike Sakamoto).

If I say, “Hey Nintendo, your software isn’t selling hardware anymore. It is time for you to go back to the basics with Mario, Zelda, and Metroid. Look at the originals and see why they created such a phenomenon,” Nintendo would look at me as if I just stepped out of a UFO. They point to Wind Waker and think it is the definitive Zelda. They point to any 3d Mario and say that is the definitive Mario. They point to Metroid manga and say THAT is what Metroid is, not those old 8-bit and 16-bit games and how dare we even THINK Metroid was about the games instead of the manga!

Video games are still a new field. We don’t know how video game designers age. What I am observing is that video game designers age extremely poorly. They think they are right all the time and begin to ignore market signals that ought to be looked at. Richard Garriot and his Shroud of the Avatar is one example. The 3DS seems to be the old geezers’ attempt to ‘make 3d FINALLY WORK’ since they have spent a lifetime obsessing over it. Wii U seems to be Gamecube HD with Wii branding. I believe Nintendo was never serious about ‘gamer expansion’. Nintendo only wanted ‘gamer expansion’ to funnel in to make their Gamecube-esque games sell more. The Wii audience was supposed to be attracted by Wii Sports and Wii Fit to upgrade to 3d Mario and Aonuma Zelda and Sakamoto Metroid. This didn’t happen. The Wii audience shunned the Gamecube-esque games and funneled instead to games like Mario Kart and 2d Mario (which Nintendo really, really hates).

We’ll have to see what Nintendo does for the GC controls for the Wii U at E3. But it does appear that Nintendo sees the Wii U failure as not with Gamecube-esqe games but with Wii-esque branding. Nintendo will toss off the Wii branding and games and try another marketing scheme so they can push out their Gamecube-esque games.

“Malstrom! Malstrom!” cries the reader. “That is such a harsh way to look at Nintendo. A very cold and cruel way.”

But there is precedent. Look at 3d. 3d has always failed with Nintendo. Yet, Nintendo keeps trying to push it. Nintendo was willing to blow up their handheld line just to popularize 3d. I think the idea that Nintendo would throw every Wii legacy under the bus in order to push N64/Gamecube philosophies further is not far fetched.

Remember, it is not what YOU want. It is not what ANY GAMER wants. It is not about removing disinterest. It is about Nintendo software developers doing WHATEVER THE HELL THEY WANT. They see themselves as ANGELS OF CREATIVITY, they fly above us on their pretty little wings, and they look down on us like ants. When their blissful game doesn’t sell, it is the consumers fault for we did not appreciate their genius.

One thing that does feel very different about this generation is that when the Nintendo console got outsold as it did in the SNES (at first), N64, and Gamecube, Nintendo was very, very ashamed. Nintendo did not like being outsold. The Game Industry ridiculed the failure of the Nintendo console. Nintendo’s head looked down in sadness.

This generation though, I don’t see any shame. Nintendo just chants, “we are not competing, we are differentiating!” and no egos have been blown by other consoles outselling them. There appears to be no ridicule. The only thing I am seeing that Nintendo is ashamed of is not the lack of sales but the lack of profits. I’d agree profitability is more important than winning ‘the console war’, but Nintendo sacrificed profitability to sell the 3DS at a loss with all those price cuts.

I think Nintendo would be content to make profit from Quality of Life and just go Gamecube/3d kamikaze with their video game business. They’re no longer interested in pleasing the mass market.



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