Posted by: seanmalstrom | May 31, 2014

Email: Wired Fight Pad

Master Malstrom,

I was surprised to see the news story about the Gamecube adapter for Wii U on your blog recently, because a couple of days before that I saw this story:
So it looks like a third party hardware manufacturer is teaming up with Nintendo to make a special “Gamecube inspired” controller for Wii U, scheduled to be released alongside the new Smash.  Why would they need an adapter for old GC controllers as well as a completely new GC controller?  I guess they just want to make absolutely sure people have access to GC control scheme.
P.S.  I just noticed under “UPCOMING TO PLAY:” you have “Not sure.”  *cough* Dark *cough* Souls *cough*


This is interesting news. We all know the Wii U is not selling well. Third party software makers have abandoned it and, I’d imagine, third party controller makers have abandoned it. No one is going to approach Wii U and say, “Hey! Let’s make X type of controller and make tons of money!” Nintendo has to be playing a part here.

Is all this GC controller nonsense about Smash or something more?

I do own Dark Souls, and I did play it. 3d games aren’t really my thing for the most part. Maybe it is because I was playing on PC or something, but I got tired of it. Part of it might have been my frustration with the very first tutorial boss because I essentially killed him with the starting weapon (!). It took me forever! I didn’t know that was ‘incorrect’. I didn’t know I was supposed to go through the hole and avoid him the first time around. I’ll come back to Dark Souls soon enough.

Very soon, I’ll be very busy. I have to drive across Houston nearly everyday (3 hours in my car) to take some classes near the ship channel. What I’m learning are technical skills related to the oil industry and automation. I see where the future is going.

I’ll probably give Master of Orion 1 another whirl. That game never ages for me, and I can complete a full game within several hours.




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