Posted by: seanmalstrom | June 1, 2014

Email: Badass Mario

Master Malstrom,

Another thing about that Mario Mercedes commercial that is cool is, Mario is a badass.  A little goofy with the bulbous nose, sure, but he looks tough.  He wears shit-kicker boots and a mean look in his eyes.  This is how I pictured Mario when I a kid.  Captain Lou, blue collar Brooklyn guy.  Not lame, castrato “wahoo!” annoying dork.  I suppose this is like the Japanese vs Western culture you talk about.  Did Nintendo get scared of toughness after the SMB movie tanked?
I wish he would have raised one foot to squish that goomba at the end, but I maybe they thought that would be too nasty.


This is a really good point. I don’t remember Mario being so much as being a ‘badass’ as he was a working class plumber from Brooklyn and this made him very authentic. Mario was a man. He even had facial hair! He was red blooded because look at all the things Mario was doing just to get to the girl! (something every guy can understand) Ever since Mario 64, Mario has turned into a plastic, terrible voiced THING that doesn’t even resemble a man. Worse is what they have done with Luigi. Luigi has been blown up into total effeminate. Toad seems more manly than Mario and Luigi these days.

I don’t like what they’ve done with Bowser either. Bowser used to be very scary. He was extremely scary in SMB 1 and 3. In World, they turned him to riding in a clown car throwing out puppet robots. WTF?

Japan loves cuteness and weirdness. That’s the only thing I think can explain for Mario becoming crappy. Cuteness in video games wasn’t only done in Japan. Dizzy and other games did cuteness because they were appealing to kids and families and because it looked good on the TV. Japan likes cuteness just for the sake of cuteness.

Remember when Mario used to be heroic? When Bowser used to be seen as dangerous and scary?

This is one of the first images of SMB. Note how scary Bowser is and how heroic Mario is. Look! Mario has a FIST. A FIST! This guy isn’t effeminate at all. He’s kicking ass. And he certainly is not wearing a Cat suit.




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