Posted by: seanmalstrom | June 7, 2014

Malstrom Awards “Gamer of the Year”

Here Kooluris matches skills against News reporter Justin Rocket Silverman.

And the award goes to Murray Hill Man. Using his own money, he designed an arcade room out of his fiance’s bedroom. His fiance left him. But he now has a cool arcade room!

Other sites have done a story on this guy. Wired did one as did NY Daily News.

In David Sheff’s book, “Game Over”, Nintendo Game Counselors were being asked questions that didn’t even relate to the games. One guy asked the Game Counselors that he was playing Legend of Zelda (NES) so much that his fiance threatened to leave him. The counselor responded: “Turn off the game.” I, being the Master Malstrom, made the OPPOSITE CHOICE. And I have been much happier for it. (I haven’t been happy with Nintendo and other game companies making crappy  games.)

“But Malstrom,” you say. “Doesn’t he qualify as a ‘Hardcore Gamer? He even has Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle sheets and a shrine dedicated to Transformer toys!”

I thought this, at first, as well. Then I saw this picture:

Hardcore gamers do not hang out with women like this. This is truly the spirit of the arcades. Arcades are like a ‘giant party’ where people drink alcohol (evident by the beer can). Hardcore gamers tend to live in Virtual Reality where they exist in Gaming Message Forums playing some absurd niche Japanese game that no one has heard. This guy is playing the Classics of Gaming. He’s playing Pac-Man and all the rest. The Hardcore Gamer looks down at classic Pac-Man and keep insisting that Pac-Man Championship Edition is the best Pac-Man (it isn’t. Championship Edition is more like Pac-Man Puzzles).

I like the fact that this guy had the balls to do what he loved, and he has become more famous and more social because of it.

Stay playful my friends.



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