Posted by: seanmalstrom | June 9, 2014

Email: The hardcore from Reddit respond to the man who built an arcade room at his home.

Leave it to the classy gentlemen (neckbeard optional) at r/gaming on Reddit to tell how they could have done it with $8000, how the guy is a virgin who has no life, and how arcade games are boring and would bore anyone after 5 minutes.
I would love to build something like this one day, imagine having a place like that to hang around with friends in, instead of the boring living room game console PC hybrid where most games are made with online gaming in mind. Screw shouting at a headset and sharing my achievements on Facebook, that’s not social gaming! Even Mario Kart 8 slows down to a crawl with more than 2 people and has most of its features put into the online mode including the bigger customization of rules, plus they basically removed the real Battle Mode.
Social gaming to me is gathering around a fun skill-based game and have people lining up to watch others taking turns and having a good time even when not playing the game (the games are actually the means to social interaction, not the ends). Even hi-score single player games can be fun for many people at once in a local arcade setting, nothing beats the feeling.
Anyway, take care.
It’s important to remember that the hardcore hated the Wii and DS’s social gaming. Even though Gamecube games were getting their sequels (more 3d Mario, Aonuma Zelda, etc.), it was not enough that SOME of the games on the Wii were for them. It wasn’t enough that they had two dedicated game consoles (Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3) that were for them. No. ALL GAMES had to be hardcore. They savagely attacked local multiplayer strong games like Wii Sports, NSMB Wii, and Mario Kart Wii. They even attack Halo now because of its local multiplayer.
To hell with Facebook, with ‘online achievements’, and all that other rot. As the creator of M.U.L.E. Dani Bunton said, video games are about interacting with people. Single player games have their place. A good RPG is nice to have around when people aren’t around. But every game has become an RPG and everyone is now alone… interacting online.
One great thing about classic arcade games is that they never get old. Now, I’ve never lived with arcade cabinets like that. But even then, I imagine they would not get old especially when you have people coming over to play them. Having people want to come over and play with your games is what good games are supposed to do. It is what the Wii did. It is what the Atari 2600 and NES did.


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