Posted by: seanmalstrom | June 9, 2014

Getting Ready for E3!

It’s that time again! I used to be all over E3 news. However, I will be busy this week as I am still attending engineering and technology classes. (It has been mentioned that with my background, I could become an Oil and Gas Analyst. Hmm….)

Very rarely do I give out the email. This is because I don’t like getting email as I tend to respond to all of it. However, some people may not know where it is at.

I will be updating my twitter along the news. The trolls (who don’t dare to email me because they’re not interested in talking to me but only in smearing me in public) will, I hope, be attacking every tweet I do. My twitter feed is:

And, as has become tradition for each E3, I offer pictures of kittens to Nintendo employees. It is said that pictures of kittens calm and please the Nintendo employees. However, Iwata does not like the kitten pictures and scolded an employee for using company email for sending them. Therefore, I will offer them on my blog and all the Nintendo employees can happily view the kittens and be happy… if but only for a moment! (And yes, readers, they do see it. They’ve even sent email about how much they enjoy the kittens! hahahaha)



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