Posted by: seanmalstrom | June 10, 2014

Destiny trailer tells us absolutely nothing

So much wrong with modern games can be found in this stupid trailer.

“Pre-order for Beta Access.” Frack you, Bungie!

The trailer made me feel Bungie has its head up its ass. Not much was shown of the gameplay so I can only judge based on what was shown. And what was shown sucked even from a universe/story standpoint.

‘Attack the darkness’

Do we get to cast Magic Missile to attack the darkness?

‘Have light from the Traveler…’

Is that the same Traveler from that TNG episode?

Why is it that no one can make any good video game premises? The original Red Alert had an awesome premise of an exploration of history happening without Hitler (a worse war with Soviet vs. West). The Ultima games even had good premises including the bad Ultimas. The Blizzard games (well, the earlier ones) had fun premises. Civilization had an amazing premise (build a civ to stand the test of time). The Sims had an interesting premise. Even Spore had a good premise (which was the only good thing about it).

Maybe there is something more to Destiny, but what they have shown doesn’t make it any different than a third rate sci-fi game. Is this game only intended for 12 year olds?



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