Posted by: seanmalstrom | June 10, 2014

Email: Zelda

I didn’t notice the lack of the sword until you pointed it out, and it got me thinking. Aonuma “promised” he would mix things up and “change” the mechanics of the series in this game, he has also stated he’s thinking of incorporating a system like that found in ALBW. Link (who many are thinking may now be a female. I just think he’s now even more effeminate) will probably have one “item” that transforms into your bow, bombs, sword etc. You’ll probably find upgrades like in metroid or something, and just swap them out based upon the situation. It could work, it probably wont though. Either way that reveal was lacking in so many ways. Very little game play, atrocious style (what happened to the e3 2012 Link? And why does the Link in Super Smash Bros look nothing like the the Zelda game for this generation’s Link?), and an obviously scripted encounter.

Hyrule Warriors Link is a vastly better design, and will probably be a better game. I think I’ll just continue to play the Souls’ games for my dungeon crawling and boss slaying fix.


What is profound is what they DIDN’T say for Zelda U instead of what they did say. I bet they are keeping quiet on the controversial stuff. But they had to show something of the game so they just did the minimal.



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