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Emails over Nintendo E3 2014

Return of User Generated Content

So far I only read about the E3 press conferences and it’s been amusing so far. The theme of this year is “EXCLUSIVE CONTENT ON OUR SYSTEM FIRST!!” It’s rather amusing watching Sony and MS fight over early access to special content like two dogs fighting over a scrap of meat. MS at least focused on games and no more of this TV, entertainment center bullshit. Also what a shame that they are making Kinect games no one’s going to buy now because everyone will buy the Kinect free Xbox One. But as you expect so far it’s a lot of sequels, HD remakes and a few “new IPs” which are just more industry games.

But what disturbs me is the return of User Generated content. I really thought this burned itself out last generation but of course with new hardware, means devs want to revisit UGC because it’s bigger and better.

Little Big Planet 3: The only new thing I see are addition of 3 dorky sidekicks.

Project Spark: This seems like the deformed love child of Minecraft and LBP except it has no single player content. You have to make everything. Also they screw over PC gamers by forcing them to use Windows 8.1. Oh and they threw Conker in there as if to say “we still have Rare IPs but we don’t plan to do anything worthwhile with them.”

Even Nintendo is jumping in on this with the rumored “Mario Maker” which sounds like a Mario themed Little Big Planet which means we’ll see a game full of people recreating Mario levels from past Mario games. Heck I remember in LBP and NSMB fan hacks, people were basically just remaking SMB levels. Even in Modnation Racers everyone was just recreating Mario Kart levels. Guess Nintendo didn’t learn from Wii Music.

Of course hardcore gamers love level creation tools because they’re all wannabe game designers who think they’re a special flower with amazing level design skills they can share with the world. Of course now we have the social media integration so now I expect to see Facebook pages full of videos of someone’s half assed attempted to make a good level. You wouldn’t believe the number of hardcore gamers who thought Mario Kart 8 should have a track creation tool. If that was so important, Modnation Racers and Little Big Planet Karting would’ve been bigger sellers than they were.

Here kitty kitty kitty.


I don’t think there is a User Generated Content trend like we saw before. I’m not sure what Nintendo’s intention is with Mario Maker except that it might be their way of saying “LOL, we ain’t making 2d Mario again!”

More Little Big Planet and Minecraft clones? Meh.

E3 Sucks

Skyward Sword graphics again? Jesus Christ! Yoshi Wooly World? Kirby? Star Fox? I’m trapped in the GameCube era! Somebody save me, seriously. And Nintendo showing someone playing with figurine is just… ugh… it’s so childish and pathetic. Way to alienate the mass market and pander to basement-dwelling “hardcore” nerds.

This is the GameCube on crack. But oh boy, Miyamoto sure showed us the WONDERS of the GamePad with those robot games! It just reminds me of Custom Robo or whatever on the GameCube. Not interested.

This is a nightmare. I don’t want all this childish GameCube crap. I want my Wii/NES back.

Go to hell Nintendo.


Hahaha. It is Gamecube Reloaded. Now, Nintendo knows Wii U is doomed so should they try to expand the audience or just satisfy their current base? At this point, I don’t think satisfying their current base is a bad idea. Nintendo’s plans for Generation 9 hardware will tell us where the company really wants to go.

Aonuma…. Aonuma….

Do I see cell shading a la Wind Waker? Do I see Skyward Sword like art?

Because two wrongs a right don’t make…

It certainly doesn’t look like anything like the Zelda Technical Demo. Why does Nintendo waste so much money on making assets that it doesn’t use? Why not use the assets of the Technical Demo?

I’m with you on the Gamecube Controller

It’s being released because Nintendo is in love with the system, not to add variety.

“Nintendo GameCube controller for Super Smash Bros.:

Many Super Smash Bros. fans grew up playing Super Smash Bros. Melee for the Nintendo GameCube system, and some will always prefer that system’s controller. The Nintendo GameCube controller also could be used inSuper Smash Bros. Brawl for Wii. [b]To honor that devoted loyalty to a classic way to play,[/b] Nintendo is introducing an adapter that lets up to four original Nintendo GameCube or WaveBird controllers work with Wii U.”

Nintendo is selectively choosing which controllers to like. Notice how there’s no praise for the NES or SNES controllers even though they were vastly more popular than the GameCube controller.

I’m glad the Wii U is tanking. The games announced at E3 – aside from Smash Bros. – are not going to help the system much at all. And Smash didn’t save the GameCube anyway.

The Gamecube controller was A HUGE FAILURE. That is why the Wii-mote was made in the first place.

I’m very curious what Nintendo will do 9th Generation. They probably expect QoL to bail them out so they can keep making Gamecube games. But we will see.

You Called It

Well you were right that the new Zelda game wouldn’t look anything like the early WiiU tease. They went for some Skyward Sword/Wind Waker cell shaded hybrid. My question is how much Anouma puzzle crap will fill this game or perhaps he’ll learn from “Link Between Worlds” and try to have more of a non linear approach. At least Hyrule Warriors looks like what HD Zelda should be and focuses on combat, even if it is a spinoff.

They did bring back Starfox finally which I didn’t expect though I think the only reason Miyamoto agreed to it was because he figured it would be a good way to show off the WiiU gamepad.

Splatoon is Nintendo seeming to finally accept that online shooters are a thing but instead of going the grim and gritty CoD knockoff route, they’re doing a family friendly paintball game. At least it’s a new IP though many see this as something that was initially going to be Super Mario Sunshine 2 with multiplayer. Thank God we didn’t get another Mario Sunshine though they are making a 3D Land Spinoff puzzle game with Captain Toad which I think Nintendo came up with after seeing Mario 3D World posts about Captain Toad should get his own game. (facepalm)

Since the industry is trying to push the User Generated Content thing (see Project Spark and LBP 3) Nintendo has Mario Maker which could be summed up as LBP: Mario edition.

There was a bunch of games shown like more Yoshi, Kirby and Mario Party and the next Xenoblade is clearly trying to fill the RPG void.

Nintendo really wants to court the females. Look at how they included baby Rosalina and Gold Peach in MK8 instead of fan favorites like Dry Bones. Now with Smash Bros. for some reason Palutena from Kid Icarus is playable though if Nintendo wants more female fighters, where are Krystal or any Fire Emblem gals? At least now you can play as a Mii so any character not included can just get made. Maybe the Miiverse will shut up about Goku now.

Oh and Miyamoto is making a Rock Em Sock em robot game. He’s all about using the Gamepad and trying to make it viable as opposed to going the Microsoft route and ditching it to make the WiiU cheaper.

Anyway, they showed off a lot of stuff but most of this is clearly aimed at their fanbase and I don’t see any of these being big system sellers. They blew their chance with Zelda.

I think we need more kitty pictures.
Kitty pictures are only pre-E3.

What I find so frustrating with Aonuma is that he/Miyamoto will keep acting as if Zelda has always been about puzzle-solving and stories (it hasn’t, not by a long shot. Play the games, and you will see). I just wish they would say they changed Zelda instead of keep acting like they are ‘getting back to the roots of Zelda’ with each Zelda game. If that is true, then they were never near the roots of Zelda in the first place!

Xenoblade and Hyrule Warriors are so far the only Wii U games I care about

I’ve only played some of the Dynasty Warriors games, but they still feel more like classic Zelda than the loads of puzzles. Plus you get to actually play as Zelda in this game. How come the rubbish CD-i games, a fighting game crossover, and a spinoff have done that before Nintendo has in the series proper?

Xenoblade X looks cool. As long as the gameplay and setting just expand on what I loved about Xenoblade, I’ll even allow some pretension in the story (but not too much). Heck, even the annoying character in the first game was pretty good once you found out he could do to enemies what Marlboros do to your party in Final Fantasy (now YOU get to be poisoned and confused!). So another character like that, go ahead. Fuck the monsters up and get me their epic loot.

As for the rest, eh. Even the PS4 is still a wait for me until Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy XV come out.

I find Hyrule Warriors to be far more interesting than anything Aonuma has shown for Zelda in a long time. Being a RTS fan, I love, love, love the mini-map and map management. Hope the game holds up to be good.


E3 Reactions: Splatoon Stole the Show!

Hi Malstrom!

I must admit I was not expecting anything big from the Nintendo event this year considering the last few years. I really don’t like this idea of pre-recorded videos instead of a live press conference. It seems artificial to me. It also gives them the opportunity to do those stupid figurines conversations which were really embarrassing.

Anyway, to me, it seems that Splatoon is really shaping up to be a great game. What they showed was really solid and I find myself really interested in the game even though shooters are normally not my cup of tea. One thing that worries me though the lack of information about single-player or local split-screen. The first description the developer gave in the presentation only referred to online and unless they allow more than one Gamepad to be used at a time, only the player with the Gamepad would be able to use the “Super-jump” ability (jumping to your allies by pressing the icon on the touch screen). I feel local multiplayer could be great with the game and I hope they will clarify the situation soon. Single-player is also important I think because if multiplayer really is online-only, the game will lose all its value when Nintendo decides to shut down the servers like they did last month for Wii and DS titles.

Finally, the Zelda presentation was once again laughable. Why do they always hype their new console with the Zelda everyone wants (Link vs Ganon video on the Gamecube, Twilight Princess demo when they announced the Wii U) and then start over with horrible cell shading? I mean, the reaction to TWW and Skyward Sword non-existent sales should show there is something wrong with these games. It is also pretty sad that Aonuma’s first description of the open-world was about puzzle-solving. The Zelda team seems to live in another reality where only they and the current Zelda fans exist. At that point, Zelda is on its way to become like Metroid after Fusion and Other M.

Anyway, I’m glad Splatoon was announced because without it, it would have been a pretty dull E3.

Yeah, I’m worried about Splatoon if it is online only. I want local multiplayer, and I want bots.

Splatoon seems like it was inspired by De Blob which was an awesome game. Very interested to see more on Splatoon.



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