Posted by: seanmalstrom | June 11, 2014

Email: I feel safe buying a Wii U

Good day Master Malstrom,

Whilst I can’t argue with you on what will sell and on what won’t sell. I can say that Nintendo’s E3 conference has actually sold a Wii U to me. Not now of course, but come Christmas 2015 I’ll probably be picking one up.
For me Nintendo had to show one thing above all else this E3: that they weren’t going to be abandon the Wii U like they did the Wii. You yourself made an excellent point that Nintendo should be focusing on their current hardware rather then leaving their existing customers out in the cold. With the conference and the Treehouse stream, i’m feeling a whole lot more confident I can get some decent playtime out of a potential Wii U purchase.
You recently talked about how crappy the software for the Gamecube was, especially how it was more of multiplayer console and had almost nothing to offer for single-player games. For me, Nintendo showed enough to put the Wii U above the Gamecube in that regard. Plus, it has some decent looking multiplayer games coming out for it.
So, I guess in about a year’s time I’ll be e-mailling you about the Wii-U.


All of Nintendo’s home consoles are worth owning. The problem is the momentum. Does the N64 have a fun library of games? Sure. But none of that library created sales momentum for the console. As a whole, the console is fun. But when you look at the games individually, they tend to fall flat. The entire Gamecube collection can make the Gamecube worth owning. But you had to buy a Gamecube in 2005 to have that.

I want to buy a Wii U too as I think there are probably enough games for it for me. However, it is too expensive and the games are $60 each. I’ll probably get the Wii U in the tail end of its life cycle.

The problem with nostalgia is that everyone remembers the Gamecube as the WHOLE of the game library. They forgot waiting months if not years for games. Wii U keeps getting ‘more fun’ because more games keep coming out for it. But that doesn’t matter in 2017 when it is time for the console to retire.

For me, the games that look intriguing are NSMB U, Mario Kart U, Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze, Wii backward compatibility, Rayman, Batman, Splatoon, Ducktales Remake, Hyrule Warriors, maybe Xenoblade, Mario Maker for sure, maybe Yoshi and maybe 3d Mario if I find it used for 5 dollars. However, that still might be too much for 3d Mario. There are some indie games on Wii U I think might be fun too.

In the past, a game console costed $100 and came with two games and two controllers. Each game was $50 or less. SNES was slightly more expensive. But everything is too expensive.

You know, you guys never sent me any Mario Kart reviews. What’s the verdict on that game?



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