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Why I dislike the Iwata and Reggie ‘fight’ and skits

Ever since a few years ago, the E3s have been having more and more about the executives in odd skits and actions. For E3 2014, take a look at the fight between Iwata and Fils-Aime.

“OMG Malstrom, don’t be such a buzzkill. You are just old and boring!”

From a business perspective, this behavior is extremely worrisome. The job of a company executive is to promote the company, not promote their own celebrity. I have never seen company executives act this way. I have no knowledge of it being done in history either. Nintendo executives are acting like teenage girls on social media.

The company executives are not supposed to be the company’s entertainment offering. The GAMES are supposed to be the company’s entertainment offering. Being an entertainment company doesn’t mean the executives act like clowns. Iwata and Fils-Aime have better things to do than to play out these childish silly skits. You can get anyone off the street to perform in these skits. However, you cannot get someone from the street to fix Nintendo’s steep financial losses or Nintendo’s disastrous sales.

The Internet having fun with Iwata and Reggie is the Internet entertaining itself. The Internet does this all the time. But the significant use of time to play celebrity is not helping Nintendo, not helping gamers, and isn’t really entertaining the Internet.

You can include Miyamoto in this. NOA had a twitter that said that Miyamoto was going to show us the new innovations HE had done. It’s as if no one else exists at Nintendo. Miyamoto did it ALL HIMSELF. There were no engineers, no software developers, and no one else actually doing the grunt work. No. Miyamoto programs and does the art for everything now. This ‘celebrity’ push for Nintendo execs is counter-productive to pushing the Nintendo products and quite insulting to those who might be invested in Nintendo.

I remember a different Nintendo. The games were not made by Miyamoto or Tezuka or Sakurai or Aonuma. The games were made by Nintendo. The BRAND was Nintendo. The brand was NOT Miyamoto. We had no idea who Miyamoto was. The first I ever heard of Miyamoto was in the ‘Making of Super Mario Brothers 3’ article in Nintendo Power back in 1990 or so. I thought, “Oh, that’s cool,” and thought nothing more of it. It was only until the N64 Era and especially the Gamecube where Miyamoto became a celebrity. The company and the people who worked there didn’t matter. It was all about Miyamoto. This celebrity was also skewing any analysis of Nintendo. Any game Miyamoto worked on was considered ‘good’ even if the game was terrible and sold terribly (Pikmin series, Virtual Boy disaster, Super Mario Sunshine, etc.).

The Gamecube sold terribly. “But the games are good!” This is putting the cart before the horse. If the games were good, then the Gamecube would have sold better.

The bizarro logic, which exists only to place Miyamoto on a pedestal (note the absence of any criticism), then flipped around in the Wii Era. The Wii sold very well. The reason was because people wanted to buy the games. Yet, we only heard “how the games are terrible. That Wii Sports is the WORST GAME EVER!’ The truth is that the Game Industry intentionally praises Nintendo games that sell terrible in hopes Nintendo keeps making them. When a Nintendo game appears that moves systems, the Game Industry, like magic coincidence!, attacks the game and says how it is a ‘blight’ on gaming and that Nintendo should stop making it immediately.

What makes more logical sense? To praise a man, say Miyamoto, who no one knows personally, no one truly knows what he does, who never accepts criticism or admits he is wrong (even on the Virtual Boy!) or…. to praise a company, say Nintendo, who we know by their products, by their financial statement, and as a company answers to shareholders to admit wrongdoing? I’ll always choose the latter. This celebrity worship is just DUMB and has nothing to do with gaming. It’s one thing to make Internet fun with a console company executive, but it is another when the executive goes out of their way to ‘play celebrity’.

Hey Iwata, Fils-aime, and Miyamoto, get the fuck off stage. Nintendo is not about YOU. It’s about US, the gamers. It’s about THE GAMES.

If Iwata and Fils-Aime want celebrity, how about running a company that MAKES A PROFIT? If Miyamoto wants celebrity, how about he makes games people actually wish to purchase. Since they aren’t doing their jobs, why do they feel ENTITLED to celebrity like little teenage girls?

“You’re just old and boring, Malstrom!”

Oh yeah? Guess what, reader. My financial statement produces more profit than Nintendo’s. Hell, even a homeless man’s financial statement is better than Nintendo’s. It is one thing not to attack managers of a company for company misfortunes. It is a totally different thing for those managers to play the role of clowns.



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