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Email: Miyamoto shows his hate for 2d

In an interview with Kotaku Stephen Totilo ask Miyamoto and Takahashi on which favorite style of Metroid they will like:

Takahashi: I like them both. They both have a different style of appeal.
Miyamoto: I have the New Super Mario Bros. series [for 2D], so I like Prime. I think there’s still a lot of new things that could be done with the Prime series.
So in other words, Miyamoto hates everything 2D, especially 2D Metroid. While the series will now have a bright future with Sakamoto not working in the series anymore. It’s worrisome if Miyamoto is involved with the 2D development of Metroid.


That’s not how I interpreted Miyamoto’s words. He sounds like Retro is already working or ‘conceptionalizing’ another Prime game. So long as Retro doesn’t work on more Donkey Kong.

I don’t think Nintendo will allow Retro to make a 2d Metroid. They would make a better game than Nintendo would.

I am very upset about something in the interview. Is the person from Nintendo reading? Good. Read this very carefully, observer from Nintendo. Miyamoto asks a false premise. He divides the Metroid series into Prime and the 2d.


The divide is Metroid and Crazy Wacky Sakamoto Metroid. In Crazy Wacky Sakamoto Metroid, we have stupid like soap operas and TOO MUCH DIALOGUE. Sakamoto Metroid is way too linear and tends to exist on space stations for some reason.

Metroid Prime is a faithful spiritual follow-up to Super Metroid. Yeah, it is in 3d. (I would love to see a 2d one that isn’t messed up by Sakamoto. The last non-crazy wacky Sakamoto 2d Metroid was Super Metroid back in 1994. TWENTY YEARS AGO!!!!! Not the ten from Metroid Fusion and Zero Mission because both are Wacky Crazy Sakamoto Metroid. Those Metroids don’t count as 2d Metroids but as Crazy Wacky Metroids.) Metroid Prime is to Super Metroid what Ocarina of Time was to Link to the Past. The problem with Zelda series is not 2d vs 3d but normal Zelda vs Insane Aonuma Bullshit Zelda. Aonuma and his PC Adventure Game is the problem with Zelda.

We really don’t need more Prime. We do need a non-crazy 2d Metroid as a spiritual successor to Super Metroid. I don’t want New Metroid, but I’d take that over the alternatives.

Prime is not the odd duck in the Metroid series. It is Sakamoto Craziness that is the odd duck in the Metroid series. What we want is a new Metroid, 2d or 3d, that doesn’t have Sakamoto’s ‘maternal instincts’ or buckets of dialogue. 2d would make the bigger splash since the last real 2d Metroid was Super Metroid twenty years ago.

Above: How it’s done!



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