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Email: About Mario Kart 8

Hello there Mr. Malstrom :) I was reading your interest posts about E3 specially about Nintendo. I also saw that you were asking about MK8 readers reviews. Nobody has sent you anything? how odd.

I bought a Wii U Mario Kart bundle like 2 weeks ago. And I have been playing with it a lot lately.  And actually I have been thinking about giving you my opinion about the game but I thought you would dismiss it because maybe is not what you would like to hear.

What I mean is that I know that you have in big regard Super Mario Kart and you use it as a way to measure all Mario karts. And that’s cool. But I personally dislike SMK. In fact, I admit that is the only Mario Kart I don’t like with MK64 in a strong second (I never understood why fanboys treat MK64 as the best of the series. The drifting is awful and the course design is depressing and boring. but whatever.)  From the horrible drifting, the nauseating mode 7, SMK it’s a game I have a long time trying to accept. Truth is, I started to enjoy Mario Kart until the Gamecube one.

But my favorite one to date is Mario kart Wii,  which I know it defies conventional wisdom. It’s funny how the most successful Mario kart is the one gamers hates the most. I don’t, on the contrary I loved it and I think is the best in the franchise so far: the course design, the characters, the music, game options…everything. Because I know how much you like SMK I though you wouldn’t take my views on the games seriously. You say you want Mario karts to be more like it but i don’t. I want my Mario Karts to push limits and go crazy fun with them. Just like Mario Kart 8.

Unlike MK7, this game feels like they actually took their time to polish it and experiment more. Graphically looks beautiful even more than other “next gen” games out there. The kart parts mixing from MK7 returned but it feels more complete and has tons of combinations. Online works much better than before. It has many gaming options for both single and local multiplayer. The course design is varied, frenzy, diverse, fast and incredibly fun. AI is more aggressive and the item distribution is much more balanced though. I am not sure yet is this game will replace MKWii as my favorite but so far i don’t regret buying it.

Of course it has things that I think would have been much better (and what game doesn’t? ;) ). The music has very cool tunes but most of them are lve-recorded and feels kinda weird. Character roster it’s better than MK7 thanks to the koopalings but about the rest…do we really need too many babies? and a pink golden peach instead of Diddy kong? come on!

And about Battle mode. Well I never cared about it anymore so sorry, I cannot tell you anything about it.

Bottomline: loved the game and it’s one of my favorite Mario karts to date. It seems to be helping to move Wii Us. How long? who knows really. I am not saying you or somebody else will like it because as I said, everybody have their own standards and MK8 fills mine very much.

Anyway just my 2 coins ;) see ya!


Koopalings aren’t babies. At least, they haven’t been portrayed that way. More like angsty teenagers.

You’re the second one who I’ve read who says the items have been re-balanced. I thought they were wacky in Mario Kart Wii.

I’m not sure why you think I wouldn’t like your email because it says something I wouldn’t want to hear. What I don’t like hearing is someone saying that a past game or series never had an experience that is categorically untrue. If you said, “Battle mode has never mattered in the entire Mario Kart series,” I would be most upset. Anyone playing the Mario Kart games over time knows that Battle Mode often became the most played way. This is also why I have such strong reactions to Aonuma and Sakamoto. It would be normal disinterest with Aonuma and Sakamoto’s recent games. But they did not stop there. They had to attack the classics in order to bring their crappy games up. When Sakamoto says Super Metroid was about ‘maternal instincts’, I know this is completely untrue. The reason why he says it is to validate his nutty course with Metroid: Other M. I played Metroid when they came out (all of them!), and I know Super Metroid’s experience was not about ‘maternal instincts’. With Aonuma, I dislike puzzle Zelda. However, he then goes and claims that Zelda gameplay and experience has always revolved around puzzles which is categorically untrue. In the E3 trailer, he doesn’t just show off the new Zelda, he shows off the ORIGINAL Zelda and then claims that this new Zelda will be a ‘spiritual successor’ to that Zelda! It is just ONE GIANT LIE. This is what provokes my hostility.

It is not that Nintendo is making bad games. It is that Nintendo is trying to re-define the classics and re-categorize them in order to EXCUSE the piece of shit newer versions of the series. That gets me enraged. Instead of allowing the game to be measured up to the standard, they just attack the standard and continue the mediocrity.




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