Posted by: seanmalstrom | June 14, 2014

Email: Conan and Smash

Have you seen this?

It’s really funny and interesting to see non-gamer’s reactions to games, and this guy is no exception!

I laughed when he said Samus looked like one of the robots from Daft Punk. That’s okay with me!

I find it thought-provoking how he sees Mario as funny, Donkey Kong as cool, and Link and Zelda he can’t take seriously. I feel like this is a testament to how the series are seen from the outside. Zelda might have been awesome once, but unlike Mario and Donkey Kong, Zelda haven’t been able to keep it’s image intact. Now, it’s sissy and uninteresting, “elfen world”. I think this is clearly an example of how the newer games’ weird/boring gameplay combined with japanese culture has scared casual (normal) gamers away.

When I watched the trailer for the upcoming Zelda, I noticed, like you, that he only uses his bow. This made me wonder: should Aonuma make Kid Icarus games, and then Sakurai could switch to making Zelda games with all the cool weapons he puts into Kid Icarus?
I think stealth gameplay, which Aonuma puts into his Zelda games, are a better fit for Kid Icarus, with the Reaper guards and all.

Sorry for the many different emails, but there’s so much I want to hear your opinion on.
I should have made it all into one email, though.


That video is hilarious! I couldn’t stop laughing at it. “Is there a Birthday Suit Samus?” He talks like I do! hahahaha. “How’d PONG get here? So any game from the 70s can break out at any moment!? Will Jimmy Carter appear?” hahahahahaha. That also sounds like me. I love how he makes fun of Wii Fit Trainer and Kirby.

I would never fail any of Conan’s tests. John Adams is obviously the Second President. “You know all this shit but not that!?” hahaha. Hardcore gamers could be why the economy is collapsing. I like that theory!



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