Posted by: seanmalstrom | June 14, 2014

Email: Dynasty Warriors and Zelda

I believe you said that you’d never played Dynasty Warriors.

There’s nothing complicated about them.  They’re basically massive hack and slash games using the Three Kingdoms Era and its historical figures as the backdrop.  There’s even leveling up, getting new weapons, getting skills, getting loot, and there’s also playing the game from the opposing side, changing history and whatnot.  The game is all about being a badass and beating up massive amounts of enemies and historical figures.  They also have a similar series with Samurai Warriors.  Same thing more or less except with Japanese samurai history and historical figures as the content.  And then Warriors Orochi which is a massive crossover between the 2 (and other IPs).
There’s actually been quite a few DW games that have molded outside content around the gameplay skeleton like Gundam, Fist of the North Star, and now Zelda.  What I think could be interesting is seeing how the content will be utilized in this game, and how strong the content offerings of the Aonuma Era of Zelda really hold up.  And can you play the villains?  DW lets you play the different kingdoms, even if they historically lost out.  Will DW Zelda do this?  That would be interesting.  The problem is how many villains are there?  If you only have one Ganon which do you use?  Which Link do you use?  The DW games try to be badass and cool, so hopefully they take that approach with this as well.  You can also ride horses in those games.  Hell this could actually wind up being closer to Zelda in a lot ways than any of the recent games have been.
The only question is how much influence is Aonuma having with this game?  Team Ninja is a part of Tecmo which is also now a part of Koei (which makes DW), and we see that despite their best efforts to make a badass game, Sakamoto screwed it up badly.  We also know that Sakamoto likely had a hand in making Metroid Prime 3 turn out the way that it did by saying that Samus wasn’t a bounty hunter.  So will Aonuma poison this game with his bullshit?  People definitely do not play DW for puzzle solving or even “story”.  Action, RPG growth, and messing with history is what these games are about.  Will Aonuma screw that up?


I thought I heard Aonuma is going to try to ‘insert some puzzle solving’ into the game. I kid you not! Even in spin-offs in another series, we cannot free ourselves from this damned puzzle crap! I have no idea where Nintendo thought that puzzles were what Zelda was about since the word puzzles didn’t get associated with Zelda until the later N64 or Gamecube era. Fucking puzzles.

I’m not interested at all in Japanese samurai history which is why Dynasty Warriors never showed up on my radar. The content does matter. High fantasy (which is what Zelda is supposed to be) could be very fun.



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