Posted by: seanmalstrom | June 14, 2014

Email: Hyrule Warriors

Hey Malstrom

When they first announced Hyrule Warriors, I was pretty disheartened. “Really, Nintendo? You’re going to turn yourselves around with Dynasty Warriors Zelda?” Fast forward to now, each new look at the game has been steadily turning me around. I’ve only played a bit of Dynasty Warriors before, but the little bit I did made me feel like a powerful Warrior-General of a massive army. Link looks like a total badass defeating hordes of monsters, and I love that there’s multiple characters to choose from, Zelda among them. My fingers are crossed that to win against this enemy, Hyrule will have to team up the Gerudo Thieves and their King, Ganondorf Dragmire, making him a playable character. And then dispatching the new enemy will put the Triforce of Power into his hand and lead to the emergence of the Demon Lord Ganon (probably for a sequel, but I’d be hoping that’s a mid-game twist). I’ve heard DW games can be repetitive and I very much agree that it’s not going to sell a lot of copies anyway, but this is the first Zelda game in a long time to make me excited to play it beforehand. There’s no “what’s the method of transportation this time?” or “so how many hours are they gonna fill wandering over empty fields or doing needless fetch quests?” Even the graphics seem to be a great middle point. It reminds me a lot of the original Ocarina of Time game art, sorta japanese and popping with colour, but not flagrantly cutesy.

P.S. Please keep up Caesar and the Mushrooms. I’ve seen you go hard on things from a “market” perspective and then turn around and praise the same thing because you like it or at least recognize and respect what it is from a game standpoint. It’s easier to tell where you’re coming from with the visual aid


In the old days, Hyrule Warriors would definitely get a rental from me. When games costed so much, it made sense to rent the games to see which ones were worth the money. I rented extensively in the 8-bit and 16-bit generations. I rented really, really hard in the 8-bit generation to the point where I would take home STACKS of NES games and drive through them. I think I went through the entire NES library or most of it. You have no idea what it was like to go from Mega Man which I thought was good but ‘ehh?’ due to the uneven difficulty to popping in Mega Man 2 and going, “OMG! THIS GAME IS FREAKING AMAZING!” to going out and buying Mega Man 2 and buying Mega Man 3 on the day it came out. Some other games that really enthralled me via renting was Life Force, Double Dragon 2, Contra, Guardian Legend, and Blaster Master.

Today, no one rents games. It makes me very sad. What is done instead is used games.

I’m definitely going to check out Hyrule Warriors should I get a Wii U. I just want to see Link be a swordsman slaying hordes of monsters LIKE HE IS SUPPOSED TO instead of playing Inspector Gadget.




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