Posted by: seanmalstrom | June 14, 2014

Email: Majora’s Mask Sales

I find it funny that the all  “people” who write it about Majora’s Mask sucking remember that “everyone hated it” and that it was a bargain bin game within a year, while the rest of who either loved the game or have a neutral, unbiased opinion of it remember it sold pretty decently for a game released late in the N64’s lifespan. The only way to know who is right is to dig up reviews from that period and to see what people were saying about the game on message forums. Or do prefer to rely on anecdotal evidence because its the only way to back up your arguments about a game you’ve probably even played?

Oh, and next time, before you on another batshit insane rant about Sakamoto ruining Metroid, actually PLAY Zero Mission and see what other people have to say about it! I don’t know of ANYONE, even among those who hated Fusion with a passion, who did not like that game. It is not crammed with cutscenes or dialogue or  ANY of the bloat that you accuse it of, just play it for a goddamn hour and you’d know that.

I  own Zero Mission. Zero Mission is a remake of Metroid which was not needed because Super Metroid was the remake of Metroid. Zero Mission has stupid cutscenes in it and the game really feels like an attack on what the original Metroid is. The charm of the original Metroid is completely gone (it is at least preserved in part in Super Metroid). The worst of it is that goddamn stealth phase at the end of the game. One of the fun things about Metroid is that Samus Aran is a girl who does the things she can do because of her super-cool suit. Sakamoto tried to make her into a ninja or something which is totally wrong. She is not Hayabushi from Ninja Gaiden. In Fusion, Sakamoto again removes the suit and focuses on ninja style. Sakamoto has some beef with people enjoying Samus’s suit since he keeps trying to take it away! Taking away Samus’s suit is like taking away Link’s sword. What’s next? Are they going to remove Mario’s jump?

‘Pretty decently’? What does that mean? It’s not like N64 owners had anything else to buy and the game was seen as the sequel to Ocarina of Time, the most successful Zelda game ever made. Majora’s Mask should have sold much better under those circumstances.

If you take any Aonuma game and remove the Zelda IPs, would anyone actually buy it? Okami is the answer to that question. While it was made by Clover, it copied Aonuma’s style resulting in the game bombing and shutting down the studio.

Microsoft and Sony LOVE Aonuma. They hope he ‘manages’ Zelda forever.



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