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Email: PS4 showing

Master Malstrom,

I was far more excited for this than the Nintendo one. Had a few new things in it, whereas Nintendo not only rehashed their stuff as usual, but their new Zelda type game is a certain prequel to WW. No sword, SAME BLUE OUTFIT, and the “open” world emphasis. They are chiseling the name “Zelda” onto the tombstone that is the Wii U.

Aonuma said it would be designed where “exploration is the puzzle”. This is also the same as WW, where each island is a puzzle or needs a specific item, and is isolated. It fucked exploration unless you had every item in the game. Also I almost can’t tell if link is male or female. Either gender would actually be preferable to neither, really. Skipping this (And I don’t even have a Wii U).

Back on topic. Here’s a few games for PS4 I was personally interested in.

No Mans Sky

This game reminds me of Freespace/Starlancer, but with that space game mode of Spore which failed to deliver on promises. While I prefer a more “hostile” representation of interplanetary environs, the super colorful stuff is ok with me, since the ships have decent designs. If the PS4 supports a Logitech Flight Stick like the one I have, then that’s a double incentive since there will probably be at least one more flight game.

I don’t really like the “endless achievements” thing, where your name is plastered on a randomly generated thing in the game if you find it. Who the heck would care about that? On second thought, maybe we know. This game could go down the path of escapism very easily since it prizes its graphics. Hopefully there will be a battle mode, or more stuff do to in space or with ships.


I’ll get this one out of the way. I liked Dark Souls, so I figure I’ll like this. I will say though, that this series becoming more and more hardcore (and it already is, so..). While the Van Helsing theme might be more accessible for some, chances are it will be exactly like the other games. There’s no gameplay in this video, but some “leaked” footage showed how similar it all is.

And that’s also another problem: This is the FOURTH game which is extremely similar to Demons Souls. Forget Nintendo, From Software actually churns out the same games over and over again with even less variation. Just look at Armored Core, or the First Person games they produced before Demons Souls. There’s maybe 10 of those and they’re all identical. Hardcore will definitely buy it, praise it, and yell at others for not being good enough at it.

(An aside: ALL of the Souls games have zombies in it, something the hardcore complain about in other games, but not these. No, these are exceptions! They are “Creative story zombies” ! And that’s not much of a joke, the Zombie explanation is very “out there”. Demons Souls alone kept the creativity under control)

Mortal Kombat 10 (I’ll skip posting a video since I’ve seen it all over your blog)

Haven’t played Mortal Kombat since the Sega Genesis. The X-Ray feature looks like a neat novelty but it would get old quick and slow down the game. Hopefully it can get turned off in options. Missing alot of the old characters I remember but we’ve only seen a few so far. I imagine most people are sick of seeing Sub-Zero and Scorpion duke it out again, but for someone who hasn’t played in so long, it’s welcome.

The next Metal Gear Game

I know it’ll be like the others. However my situation is unique: I’ve never played Metal Gear games, only watched. Some look fun, but since I share all game consoles with Family, I let the Metal Gear fan of the house buy them :) . They really are more like movies than games in most situations. This  is something people were willing to admit a long time ago, but for some reason those people don’t like to anymore. Anyway I doubt this will be a game for you, or me. At least, not me directly. The person making these should just move onto movies though.

Independent Stuff

Not so much “which” independent games there are, but how many there are, that excites me. There’s alot of decent quality, which already trumps the schlock of Steam Greenlight. (No Mans Sky was considered “indie” but obviously has a budget).

I’m most excited for No Man’s Sky, ESPECIALLY if my fairly standard Logitech 3D pro Flightstick is supported.. Most other things were standard car racing games again, or sports games or some indie “art style” games. Still not enough games to really justify a purchase, but maybe in the future there will be something exciting.


Out of what you showed, No Man’s Sky is the only thing that looked interesting to me. I also have a Logitech flightstick (actually, more of a joystick). I’m a huge Wing Commander fan so No Man’s Sky looks really cool to me.  No Man’s Sky may come out on other platforms as it isn’t exclusive to PS4.

PS4 and Xbox One don’t tend to draw me in because most of the games are dumbed down PC games with a controller. Now, I can plug my computer into the TV and plug in a controller and BAM! Instant console there with better graphics, free online, and my computer can do so much more than the console. The games also tend to break the tradition of console games. They aren’t family friendly and are extremely dark. I prefer my games to be ‘bright’ as in ‘Warcraft 2 bright’. Minecraft had the ‘brightness’ which is a big reason why it sold so well.

If you liked No Man’s Sky, then you’re likely aware of Star Citizen. When the heck is THAT game going to come out? We know Chris Roberts has all the money he could ever want for the project. Not to criticize No Man’s Sky, but it doesn’t have the precedent as Chris Roberts has. No Man’s Sky can be good or bad but my hype is still tied up with Star Citizen. After the Richard Garriot disappointments, I’m desperate for a new Origin-esque game. I miss that company a lot.

As an older gamer, it is difficult for me to communicate the insane quality of Origin games (referring to the defunct game company here, not EA’s stupid online store). Game companies like Nintendo and Blizzard were inspired by Origin’s quality. Origin games came in a nice jewel box, cloth maps, fictional books, and various trinkets. Our concept of the ‘game collector edition’ was from how every Origin game was. The games were always so far ahead of their time both in gameplay and in technology. It was often where my Origin game stayed in its box for six months because it was impossible to purchase the computer necessary to run it at a good level.

The Star Citizen video above really gives you a taste of that quality. There aren’t many computers that can run Star Citizen now (that aren’t very expensive). It is insane. And yes, I will buy a new computer just to play the game. Software sells the hardware in PCs just as in consoles.

I wonder if Star Citizen will be sold in a jewel box. I would definitely get that of course.



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