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From One At E3: Master Malstrom!

Master Malstrom,
Loved the way you covered E3 this year, between the blog and twitter. Was absolutely awesome following along with you.
I know you covered Nintendo almost exclusively, and I wish I’d have done the same. But I watched MS and Sony’s conferences and let me tell you, I was bored out of my mind. I’ve wondered if this is what gamers felt during the tail end of gen 2. Everything looked so generic and ho hum. I see no reason what ever to own an Xbox or a PS4, save for another way to view netflix.
On to Nintendo, I am a Smash fan, I’ll do some hands on with the game tomorrow possibly, so I’ll let you know what the deal is. One thing about games that are good, is that they are fun to watch as well as play for yourself.
Zelda looks like crap. I am sick of this guy Aonuma. He does this every fucking time. I hate the lame art style, I hate the focus on puzzles. I’ve heard all the talk about Zelda going back to its roots. I hated Skyward Sword, I hated Wind Waker, I hate what Aonuma has done to Zelda. I play the NES Zelda and it pains me to see how far Zelda has fallen.
Toad’s Galaxy looks lame. And you know what else? I’m sick of Nintendo taking 2d Mario games and throwing nostalgia into 3D worlds. Just give us a damn 2d Mario game that really blows our socks off.
You know, I remember when Mario Bros 3 released, that was amazing.
But the last thing I really despise, is the brainwashing E3 tries to employ. The best thing for a creator of any kind, is constructive criticism, E3 allows for none of that, its totally corporate and totally phony. The moment the public has been ‘banned’ from attending E3 is the day E3 lost its soul.
Everyone talks about Sony making gaming cool, and mature (I thought Sega said the same thing 5 years earlier) But Wii made gaming acceptable. I remember women in the bars were playing Wii Sports (hot women) I find it funny how the hardcore hate Wii Sports, and the Wii in general, yet have game forum pictures of hot women. Not knowing that Wii was a tool to meeting actual hot women. Hardcore must be destroyed! Maybe gen 9, because gen 8 is a hardcore’s dream.
Always a pleasure.


I’ve wanted to do a live blog in the past, but I didn’t have the software for it. It was fun to tweet things in real time at least to show people that not everything I say is ‘prepared’.

I’ve been extremely lazy with this website. (Then again, consider that might have been a necessity in order for it to be continued for eight years.) Webpage consumption is best with a mix of visual aids. It is why gifs are so prominent in message forums. The extremely popular webpages seem to have a knack for ‘picture placement’ (Drudge Report is an excellent example of that). I’ve noticed people respond strongly to visuals.

I am looking forward to Generation 9. Not much for the 3DS was shown because the 3DS is done. 3DS was launched in 2011 but shown off at E3 2010. This means the 3DS successor should be shown off around E3 2016 which is a couple years from now. Nintendo believes in a six year lifespan for its systems and develop games strongly for the first three years and lets third parties take over after that. Wii U was launched in 2012 so its peak software will be in 2015 which correlates exactly to the software that was shown off. If this holds true, then E3 2015 will show off mostly 2015 Wii U games, some 2016, but from then on it will be software decline as Nintendo moves the spotlight on 3DS successor.

I miss the Wii Era days of Iwata saying that it is time game makers make games for everyone instead of making games to entertain themselves. Nintendo received great success with doing this. I believe great bitterness came over Nintendo developers when they saw games like Mario Kart or NSMB sell huge while the games ‘they loved’ like 3d Mario and Aonuma Zelda and Metroid: Other M fall flat. No longer could they say ‘accessibility’ was hurting their sales. It was flat out rejection. People just don’t want to play those types of games.

There must have been some sort of coup inside Nintendo where the developers insisted that they make the games they want to make. I’m not sure how Iwata was overpowered (or if Iwata even joined with them). It’s obvious to anyone that Nintendo has no interest in ‘expanding the market’ like they once did. Nintendo is now about making games for themselves.

I’m beginning to think that the only way for Nintendo to return to that NES/Wii quality of gaming is for Quality of Life to fail. If QoL succeeds, Nintendo will go full Gamecube-esque and Virtual Boy as the losses will be subsidized by QoL.



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