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Email: E3 and twitch

Master Malstrom, it’s the first time I write to you and I’m a really old time reader, since go Nintendo posted your articles.
This e3 have been interesting and a little depressing, since it’s basically a pre 2015 e3, everything is for next year. I have a different view of Nintendo’s goofy presentation, I do believe they know the Wii U is done for, no people will be convinced to get the console other than the ones on the fence, so they decided to have fun and make fun of the hardcore, hell one of them was killed by Reggie!.

The most interesting part was their twitch presence. Nintendo had an equal number of viewers than the official e3 twitch channel, and way more than Sony’s, something really noticeable. Sony went for a full nerd presentation, while Nintendo had regular people playing and even developers talking and playing.
But the number of viewers puzzle me, twitch is a hardcore media I believe, and they, the hardcore, we’re more interested sometimes ten times more in Nintendo than Sony. I don’t think the Wii U will have a Fenix like resurgence, in fact it’s over, but it’s interesting. You said you wanted to hear people’s opinion on the games other than media reviews and twitch is amazing for that.
Sorry about the English, but I speak Spanish. Keep writing!!!


According to Nintendo’s thinking of this momentum based business, the first year is absolutely critical for a game console. The first year is where the reputation is established. After that year, it is extremely difficult to change. Examples include…

-NES first year had ‘games for everyone’ including the sports games and light gun games. Despite amazing games put out for it in its later years, hardcore gamers kept excusing it as a ‘family’ machine and that it lacked ‘hardcore games’ found on the PC or arcades. [You have to be very old to remember this.]

-SNES first year had many innovative titles and sequels to NES favorites. SNES first year was dominated by Super Mario World which was extremely cartoony and childish. Despite edgier games published on the SNES (Final Fantasy 6? Contra 3?), Sega kept pounding Nintendo over and over again for being ‘nice’ and ‘childish’. SNES never escaped that reputation. On the other hand, the Sega Genesis first year of arcade ports gave it a reputation for being a hardcore gaming arcade lover paradise despite the later games that came out on the system.

-N64 had ‘no games’ because Nintendo couldn’t produce the games in the first year.

-Gamecube was always ‘kiddy’ because that is what the first year games were like. Despite games like Resident Evil 4 and Metroid Prime, Gamecube could not escape the ‘kiddy’ reputation.

-Wii had all sorts of games. However, due to the success of Wii Sports and Wii Play, Wii’s reputation was solidified as ‘casual gaming console’ which stuck to the Wii until the end of its life.

-Xbox 360’s first year identified its reputation as ‘hardcore gamer console’ which hurt when Microsoft wanted to do the Wii thing by pushing out Kinect. Despite it, the Xbox 360 is still seen as a hardcore gamer console.

Nothing was done by Nintendo to alter the Wii U’s reputation after the first year. Wii U is still seen as a failed console with no games except those Mario ones.

The truth is that Nintendo really screwed up the Wii U’s launch. Nintendo struggled with HD development which they had half a decade to prepare for over Sony and Microsoft. The fact that Miyamoto is, today, saying he is making games that show how the Wii U pad can be used in 2014 when the console launched in 2012 has us saying, “Why didn’t you make those type of games BEFORE you launched the console? Why are you making those games only YEARS after the console’s release?” The DS was rushed, but the DS did not have a reputation problem because games like Nintendogs and Mario Kart DS and Animal Crossing Wild World came out or were revealed within the first year. Nintendogs stopped the DS bleeding.

What Nintendo says about hardcore gaming will be very big signals about where Generation 9 is going.



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