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Email: Aonuma and Link

Dear Master Malstrom,
I thank you for getting back to me on my previous email, and I apologize that the email Isent had Zelda info that was a few years back. I was checking through the internet about this talk of Zelda and puzzles and I happen to have stumbled across that information that I sent especially where nintendo said Zelda was a puzzle game going forward. I am wondering do you think the Arcade/Action CRPG style will return to the Zelda series where its main focus is that especially since it was in the Nintendo club news letter? I also have a question about when you said that Eiji Aonuma was removing Links sword. Was it to allow Link to complete dungeons without the use of combat or was it something else? I apologize if this stuff might sound obvious, but I just want to make sure I have the basics clear on whats been happening to the Zelda franchise so far. If possible, please get back to me as soon as possible. It be greatly appreciated.


Aonuma wants Zelda to be a PC adventure game so the sword’s only purpose to Aonuma is for ‘puzzles’. He wants to remove the sword since he probably has run out of ideas for ‘sword puzzles’.

Lately though, Aonuma is now saying Zelda needs to go this way because Zelda needs to sell to more women (!). Sakamoto said the same thing. It is amazing how when a Nintendo developer says the game needs to sell to more women, the game gets developed exactly to the male director’s tastes!

I think Nintendo had a big shot at a smaller NSMB DS/Wii phenomenon by making a ‘top-down Zelda with arcade action/CRPG elements. Nintendo blew it with Link Between Worlds. There was so much hype from that game from people who didn’t even normally play video games or Nintendo consoles. They so badly wanted a sequel to Link to the Past. But Aonuma hates Link to the Past (aside from cutting grass). Link Between Worlds was more of Aonuma’s Crap.

I believe Nintendo lost the opportunity. There are two types of Zelda fans. There are Ocarina fans who want more games like Ocarina. Then there are LTTP fans who want more games like LTTP. Then there is both as well as the small, small niche that actually enjoy Aonuma games (this group is very small or else Aonuma would have stopped marketing every new Zelda by promising it was a spiritual successor to Ocarina or Zelda 1/LTTP).

The massive Twilight Princess hype was coming from Ocarina fans. TP did some steps right but still continued the wrong Aonuma mistakes. Then Aonuma fucked Ocarina fans over by making the crappy Zelda DS games and Skyward Sword. I think these fans are sitting out in the World of Disinterest. We saw them reappear with Ocarina of Time 3d remake for 3DS, but they are sitting out. Nintendo still has a chance to get these guys if the Wii U version doesn’t suck (but it will suck as every Aonuma Zelda sucks).

The LTTP fans, which include fans from Link’s Adventure, Zelda 1 and Zelda 2 are essentially gone. Nintendo had the perfect opportunity to bring them back with Link Between Worlds but totally bungled it. It would be as if NSMB DS and Wii were about ‘collecting stars’ and not about what Super Mario Brothers 1,2,3 and 4 were about.

Every time I write about Aonuma, I just get angrier and angrier. Aonuma is Ganondorf who rode into the Golden Game Series and turned it into the Dark World that is Zelda today.

Whenever Aonuma speaks, this is what I see. I feel like the reader and myself are Kirk and Aonuma is Khan. He knows what we want. He refuses to give it to us. It’s like he just wants to keep going on hurting us.

“I hate you, Classic Zelda fan. And I want to keep going on hating you.”






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