Posted by: seanmalstrom | June 19, 2014

Email: Re: Nintendo and Twitch

As a response to the recent email as to why Nintendo’s stream had so many views, I want to point out one other thing about Twitch. It is also dominated by PC gamers. The top games being streamed are usually PC exclusive games and only shift when there’s a fighting game stream on or a highly anticipated console exclusive releases. Most PC primary hardcore gamers see the Microsoft and Sony boxes as inferior to PCs for third party games, but a number may still find themselves interested in Nintendo as they put out the largest number of exclusives that are very different from what gets offered to them on PC. And with the new Smash game coming out, a number of fighting game people have become curious since Melee has had it’s resurgence in recent months in part thanks to Twitch streaming.


I’m mostly a dedicated PC gamer so this makes sense.

One thing I’d like to illustrate this generation that even in the World of Disinterest, people like myself still keep an eye on the game consoles including the Nintendo one. Again, a warning: people are closely observing how Nintendo handles the Wii U. If Nintendo keeps trying to deliver and doesn’t pull the plug, Wii U’s successor will have a much better start. I think the really poor support Nintendo gave the Wii in its later years really soured many people from the Wii U. Wii Music, Metroid: Other M, and Skyward Sword. Really, Nintendo?



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