Posted by: seanmalstrom | June 19, 2014

Email: Splatoon would have been a definitive itle for the Wii

If Splatoon came out a few years back for the original Wii and really showed off the remote’s potential for shooters it would have probably been another game in the Wii library to shame Call of Duty in sales. But instead it’s stuck on the Gamecube 2 where 3D World  can’t manage to outpace that abomination Sunshine in sales.Regardless there seems to be a lot of hunger for proper shooters and not this numbers obsessed hardcore junk that seems to come out every week these days, Splatoon looks like it scratches that inch. Nintendo should target more genres and types of games people are begging for but the hardcore AAA industry refuses to provide, nobody was really putting out 2D platformers on consoles or simple pick up and play sports games before Wii Sports and Mario 5 happened.

I get the feeling that today’s hardcore would look at Doom, Quake and Unreal Tournament and call them “casual shooters”.

There is still much we don’t know about Splatoon (and that it is 2015) so I don’t want to make any predictions on it. The game is a breath of fresh air from the rot of stagnating Nintendo IPs (and they really are stagnating).

When it was released, I know Unreal Tournament was considered a ‘casual shooter’ because the hardcore gamers were having orgasms over Quake 3 and ‘the curves’ in that game. Quake 3 was very solid but it was just space dungeon after space dungeon. Unreal Tournament was more adventurous and had some really imaginative maps.

Above: Look how many secrets the Unreal Tournament maps had? This is solid, solid craftsmanship.

This is making me want to re-install Unreal Tournament ’99! Hmm, maybe I should…

Above: They don’t make games like this anymore…





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