Posted by: seanmalstrom | June 20, 2014

For Steam sale, everyone should buy Awesomenauts

Before you go buy everything on the Steam sale, you should buy Awesomenauts. It is about $2 on sale which is a steal.

This game is really fun. (Video above is old and doesn’t show the dozens of heroes that have been added to the game since then.) At first, I thought it looked dopey and stupid. But the gameplay is very solid and everything is extremely well produced. The music is fantastic.

If you like games like Smash Brothers or DOTA style games, this one should be tried out. I honestly don’t understand why this game isn’t more popular than it is. It has the twitch of the arcade gameplay but with the depth of the strategy that a MOBA has.

What’s really interesting is how you can play split screen up to three players on one PC! That’s unheard of today. The AI is somewhat decent so you can have fun offline too.

This is one of the most underrated games out there today. I keep coming back to it. I know you guys spend money on Steam sales for games you think you want but don’t play. I am suggesting this so you get a game you will actually play.



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