Posted by: seanmalstrom | June 21, 2014

Email: 2d Metroid or Prime?

Answer : I don’t care !

As you pointed out, Prime was the only true successor to Super Metroid. Both styles I love (even though I tend to think that Prime 2 and 3, although good games, were not as good as the first Prime). The real predicament here is to avoid yet again another Sakamoto style Metroid.

But whatever they want to do, Prime or 2D classic Metroid, please relay this advice to the “Nintendo-guy-whose-job-is-to-read-Master-Malstrom’s-blog”.

Read this Nintendo guy, and you’d better work your ass off so it happens : all future Metroid games MUST have a soundtrack that at least have the quality of the Super Metroid soundtrack in its composition, but in addition it must be performed but a real, true, experienced SYMPHONIC DAMN ORCHESTRA ! No synthesizer. No Midi tracks. Violins, flutes and so on. The real thing ! Even a choir !

While I agree Prime 1 soundtrack was really good, Super Metroid is the one to me ! The atmosphere of that game owes a LOT to the music, and that atmosphere is what saves the game from being less good than the original Metroid (it’s good, however).

Damn, just how many times did I wish to hear these musics performed by a real orchestra… not an arragement as they do for some shows sometimes, just the original soundtrack… as it is… but with a real symphonic orchestra…

I was curious how Metroid music would sound orchestrated. Here are a few samples:

I like it! The orchestrated Kraid song really gets me though. NES Metroid was such a mysterious game. I haven’t seen any game that can measure up to its mystery vibe yet made.



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