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Email: Metroid Prime slowness and scariness

To the emailer saying that Metroid Prime felt slow, I urge you to try the version in Metroid Prime Trilogy, especially with the wiimote sensitivity set to “Advanced”.

It really does make a difference, but unfortunately it also was one of Metroid Prime 3’s only strong points, so playing Prime 1 and 2 with that control scheme makes Prime 3 seem even worse in comparison.

And about the scariness, did you think that maybe you were just older when you played Prime?  Age really does make a big difference.  Heck when I was 10 I was even scared of certain parts of Super Mario 64 that were just inside the castle, and I absolutely REFUSED to go into Big Boo’s Haunt.  Yet a couple years later and Big Boo’s Haunt did nothing to me fear-wise.
I would say that as one gets older, visual-based fear dissipates and is instead replaced with psychological-based fear – this is actually one thing the SA-X in Fusion did well of conveying, that whole “they’re in the walls” feeling.


I was “old” when I played all the games.

The way how I look at it is that there is a ‘sweet spot’. Earlier video games were very short so they were made extremely hard. These would be arcade games, Atari Era games, and NES games. Now, later video games are too easy and extremely bloated. These would be most of the Generation 5 games and beyond. MMORPGs I refuse to touch anymore. WoW Vanilla was awesome, but there is no talent out there that is going to get back to that quality or innovation.

I still like most of my NES games. But they are, indeed, too hard. I just don’t have the patience for some of them. I can play them fine because I already mastered them. Some of the difficulty I think adds to the game like Final Fantasy 1 (which I still adore) or Legend of Zelda. Other difficulty I think is just not that fun such as Mega Man 1 or even parts of Blaster Master.

In my world, an ‘epic game’ would be Final Fantasy 6. This game is about 30-40 hours long (huge!) with its assorted rate of production efforts. That is considered a ‘huge’ game to me. I like these games, I want a few of them in my collection, but I don’t want all games to be like that. I am much more comfortable with the SNES range of difficulty and time investment. Super Mario World is way too easy, F-Zero probably too hard. Super Mario Kart is just right. Contra 3 is just right.

I really liked the Wii in that I could get in and out of most games. Wii Sports you can hop in and play. Sometimes for hours, sometimes for five minutes. Much of my disgust for Gamecube Era games is because they are SO LONG and bloated. I feel only children have time to play all that. And the games so lack challenge that I get bored along the way.

Even to this day, I still think Super Metroid is on the easy side. At least I can make it harder by not getting energy tanks and other power-ups. Metroid Prime, the first one, feels OK but I need to replay it. I think Metroid Prime 2 (haven’t played through Prime 3) has too much ‘cognitive pollution’. Going back and forth to the dark world is too much I need to think about.

I did think Metroid Prime 2 was very scary. When I was jumping from ‘bubble to bubble’ in the Dark world, I felt like I was at the edge of my seat. Sanctuary Fortress was enthralling  to me. However, the boss battles in Prime 2 were too damn hard.Fuck that spider boss.

Above: Who came up with this shit?



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