Posted by: seanmalstrom | June 23, 2014


Posting my email address caused my email account to blow up. Too many emails. Not enough time. And they are still coming in after E3! I’ll get to them soon.

I’ve been thinking of putting up a FAQ. Most people just make up a FAQ when no one was really asking them any questions. Some are so dated they will use a statement for a question and the answer will be, “That is not a question!” That was popular in the 1990s Geocities fanpage circles. No, these will be actually questions people ask. Since this site has been here for many years, there does seem to be a pattern to some of them.

If you have any FAQ-ish questions, go ahead and email them to me. I’m sure I’ll forget some.

BTW, after playing various games, I got fed up, and I’m currently reinstalling Warcraft 3 and Starcraft: Brood War. I haven’t played Brood War in a long while, but Warcraft 3 seems to be a favorite I keep coming back to. The game has such a strong single player, strong multiplayer, as well as ridiculous strong custom content. A game like Starcraft 2 has, to me, very strong single player, annoying-as-hell multiplayer, and depressingly weak custom content. I suppose I need to reinstall that soon to check out any new custom content.

I’m really hoping Heroes of the Storm delivers on the strong multiplayer. I hope Blizzard will provide a strong single player but I doubt they will. So my hope is that an editor will be released for the game and people make strong custom content for it. It would be really cool to play some singleplayer or co-op custom missions with all the heroes.



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