Posted by: seanmalstrom | June 25, 2014

CNBC muses that Nintendo might be aiding the destruction of Japan

You just can’t make this up. From a CNBC story on how Japanese celibacy is destroying the country, there is this quote:

The makers found that video games offering virtual replacements for real-life relationships such as Nintendo’s ‘LovePlus’ are popular with grown men. They prefer the ease of virtual relationships which allows them to avoid the pressure of getting married.

Now this is game expansion I can get behind! And you guys underestimated the Blue Ocean! hahaha

It’d be a hoot if Nintendo had the balls to give us this game to the West. Imagine the uproar! But what is LovePlus? CNN does a detailed investigation!

If men are choosing video game companions over flesh and blood women, the problem isn’t with the men. The problem is with the women. Can’t a woman compete with a digital product? Note that CNBC isn’t blaming men directly because they would suggest men are actually making a choice. No. The piece continues as if men are nothing more than animals who are easily manipulated by something such as Loveplus or prosititues or something else. CNBC blames the ‘things’ like Loveplus or prostitution that is leading men ‘away’. It takes two to tango. Women are playing a part in this phenomenon as well which goes well beyond ‘choosing a career’.

(I looked up some videos on Loveplus, but I’m not going to post them on this site. I trust the reader has the capacity to look them on his or her own.)



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