Posted by: seanmalstrom | June 26, 2014

Email: Pokemon Stigma

I agree that there is indeed a stigma in the 30+ adults with Pokemon. Hell even I when I was a teenager tried to act as if Pokemon was beneath me. But if you see the games you realize that GF is not being “creative” like Nintendo. Each Pokemon game is exactly what you expect. You Catch Pokemon and make them battle other Pokemon. GF follows your advice of what a game company does. There’s a reason they make money while Nintendo is bleeding it. Even many of the hardcores hate Pokemon because it’s not creative enough. But to this day I play every new Pokemon and enjoy the hell out of it because it’s exactly what I expect. I wont be “surprised” by a Pokemon game. There wont be any maternal instincts in a Pokemon game or creative muses. Pokemon is Pokemon, and I enjoy the hell out of it. I think Pokemon shouldn’t be ignore because they are one of the few Gaming companies that do the right thing. They make games that sell and as more people get older I expect the stigma to go away.While I know you aren’t from the Pokemon generation I think you should give Pokemon a try. While many of the low level Pokemon start cute they turn more badass as they grow  and it’s one hell of a game on a long road trip.

Cheers Malstrom and keep on gaming.


I suppose I could try a Pokemon game one day.



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