Posted by: seanmalstrom | June 26, 2014

Email: Why make games when you can make bank?

Master Malstrom,
Have you been watching the steam summer sale? There’s this interesting thing the valve corporation have tried this summer.

Basically, you spend money for a 1 in 6 million chance of getting 3 games you want. It’s literally a lottery, with some malicious little gimmicks added in. There’s items you can buy with your real money (or craft, which you will most likely need real money to do) that allow you to steal points from the other team. I had a look at the market, and these items were going at $40USD each. I’ve seen peoples pictures of their inventory full of these such items.

I don’t understand this madness at all, people are pumping hundreds of dollars into an arbitrary competition… And for what? A tiny chance of getting a few games at a fraction of the value? Valve may not be game developers anymore, but they are a money making machine. Maybe they aren’t doing it for the games, and are doing it for the same reason they want their achievements and other special little things to make them feel like they are the Neo of gaming or some shit.

I watched The Room tonight, that was depressing enough, after that I went to check on steam for some nice deals and noticed this abomination. My faith in humanity has never been so low.

Gamers routinely accuse the ‘big corporations’ of gaming to be just after the money. Nintendo “just likes money”. Blizzard “just likes money”. EA “just likes money”. But at least Nintendo, Blizzard, and EA make original games instead of slapping their logo on community made mods *cough* DOTA 2 *cough*. But somehow the Valve Corporation is immune from “just liking money”.

It has to be the Steam sales. Gamers think Gabe Newell is a nerd-like Santa Clause who is giving them all these ‘cheap’ games. Someone is losing money in all this, and it isn’t Valve Corporation. I feel sorry for the game companies where due to Steam and gamers unwilling to buy non-Steam games, they have to put up with Valve Corporation’s crap.

Check this out. Who made this? It looks like something out of the marketing department from the Valve Corporation. Gabe Newell is presented as a saint with ‘Steam’ in his hands shining with divine light while church music of ‘you ready for a miracle’ as sale prices fall from the sky.



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