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If Nintendo doesn’t make the games we want, other people will

Check this out:

The developer for the game was found by Reggie. He blogs about it here.

I guess word must have gotten around because shortly thereafter, Reggie Fils-Aime showed up.  I was at a loss for words at that point; I think I said something like, “Is that…?” (the ellipses which were practically audible).  Reggie looked at my kiosks and said, “oh yeah, that does look like Metroid,” to which a nearby journalist quipped, “Hey,somebody  needs to make a Metroid, it might as well be him!”

Things you don’t expect to happen to you, ever:  Reggie shook my hand and congratulated me.

Then he was off.

Note the absence of ‘maternal instincts’. From what I can tell, there is no ‘talking’ in the game. No space station computer dialogue. This game is more Metroid than Metroid Fusion or Zero Mission.

From the preview of the game on VentureBeat, the developer says this:

“My philosophy behind it is not just trying to make a game that you can play through to completion and have fun but also exploring the idea that there is a world beyond the boundaries of your game,” Happ told GamesBeat. “It’s filtered through my childhood perspective of when I would encounter glitches in games, like secret worlds or secret areas, things you get with a Game Genie that you can’t get elsewhere. They make it feel as if the game goes beyond just the edge of the screen. When you’re a kid, you just think it’s a barrier that the grown-ups put in there. If you can only get past it, who knows what exciting things are there? A lot of this is inspired by that feeling.”

This is exactly how the original Metroid felt and many NES games in particular. Metroid, however, felt like the mother of all glitches. Metroid had fake bosses, fake walls, fake lava, you name it. Metroid was ‘hardcore’ in that it focused on tripping you up in every which way.

We haven’t had a proper 2d Metroid since Super Metroid in 1994. 20 years ago!

Of course, the dunderheads at Nintendo will be looking at each other and going: “Wait. How can he say 20 years ago? The last Metroid only came out four years ago with Metroid Other M.” Dunderheads on a gaming message forum will say, “And what about Fusion and Zero Mission? Boy, those discussions with Adam and those stealth missions with Zero Suit Samus. That was Metroid!” No, none of that was Metroid.

I want to know why you gamers and game journalists who praise Axiom Verge attacked me years ago for desiring and describing such a game? If you guys were true to your word, you would castigate Axiom Verge for lacking ‘maternal instincts’ and ‘stealth missions’ and ‘not being a ninja’. That’s what you guys said made a Metroid.

The game looks good, but the 8-bit art style doesn’t work and ruins the organic nature of the game. Just because a game is oldschool doesn’t mean we want to see giant blocks for pixels in it.



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