Posted by: seanmalstrom | July 3, 2014

Email: About Shovel Knight

“The music of Shovel Knight is very interesting indeed. It definitely has that Mega Man vibe going.”That shouldn’t be surprising, since Manami Matsumae (composer for Mega Man 1) contributed to the soundtrack.  Jake Kaufman (or Virt, as he’s also known) composed the rest and frequently composes music for WayForward games (Yacht Club Games is comprised of former WayForward employees).

“I like the increased number of colors 16-bit games had. However, I hate, hate, hate how the level real-estate got so much slower.”

I can’t remember if you’ve been sent this article, but it’s actually an interesting short read about how much more colorful NES games could have been were it not for palette limitations.

By the way, I’ve been playing through Shovel Knight lately so I’ll give you a quick impression of it.  First of all, I don’t feel like the game warrants its $15 pricetag right now, but only because all of the content hasn’t been added to it yet.  For now, it’s just the base game with the content funded by the Kickstarter stretch goals to be added later as free updates.  The game itself is solid, feels like Mega Man crossbred with DuckTales, except you can only bounce with your shovel on enemies or things like destructible square stones.  You can upgrade your shovel, armor, life, and magic by talking to the right NPCs, and there’s an inventory system where you can equip things like a rod that shoots fireballs.  You could say there’s a pinch of Zelda II thrown in.

This e-mail turned out longer than I expected it to.

Ooohhhh Zelda 2. THE BEST ZELDA!!!! ;)



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