Posted by: seanmalstrom | July 3, 2014

Was Malstrom the original 3d gamer?

I’m reading reports on the return of Looking Glass* and how a new Ultima Underworld is being made. Then I realized something: I was a huge player of all the early ‘pioneering’ 3d games. Yes, reader, I somehow manage to surprise myself. Battlezone… I loved. Pole Position was SO COOL. Wolfenstien 3d was amazing as was Descent. Wing Commander was incredible. And I was all over Ultima Underworld.

I’m asking myself, “Why did I enjoy 3d games then but not the 3d games of today?” For one thing, 3d games then were technologically advanced and novel. Today, they are passe. I think the biggest difference of 3d games of the past is that they weren’t trying to be movies, they were trying to be ‘worlds’. I hate, hate, hate the Hollywood crap. I hate the stupid ‘characterization’ storylines. I hate the bad writing, the stupid camera angles, and the vicious ‘scripts’.

Consoles can’t do 3d games right. Their controls just suck. Mouse and keyboard work or a joystick works. These thumb sticks are just meh. For some reason, Japan keeps making all their 3d games as ‘behind the back’ and not first person perspective.

Here is Ultima Underworld for all you kiddies:

I’m glad to see people still buying the game and playing it from GOG. It makes my old school gamer heart melt when I hear, “This gameplay is glorious!” Pretty good for a 20 year old game.

The downside of playing the Classic Games when they were new is that everything feels like a downgrade since then. Let’s hope Underworld Ascension is good. (Did they really have to use Ultima 9’s title of Ascension?)

Even IGN likes Ultima Underworld.

And some music. Ahh….

*When the company closed, the employees got into some interesting projects. System Shock 2 was made by former Looking Glass employees. The musicians formed Harmonix (the creator of Guitar Hero and later they would leave that company to go make Rock Band). Some went to Ion Storm and helped make Deja Vu with Warren Spector. One went to the Valve Corporation and was responsible for the level design in games like Half-Life 2 and Left for Dead. I’m sure there are more.



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