Posted by: seanmalstrom | July 7, 2014

How Nintendo just sold me on Bayonetta 2

by including Bayonetta 1 ON A DISC. Two games in one? I’m there.

I really wish more games did these type of things. I really liked how Unreal Tournament 2004 included all of Unreal Tournament 2003’s content in it. UT2K4 just FLEW off the shelves.

What I hope Nintendo realizes is that…

1) Gamers tend to be collectors. We buy a game hoping to play it for a long time. Those who buy a game and sell it to Used Game Shop are ‘hardcore scum’. I’d much rather buy a game at full price and WANT to keep it. Bayonetta 1 on a physical disc goes a long way to that end.

2) It’s easy to write off a sequel when you haven’t played the earlier games. By including Bayonetta 1, it is much harder to ignore Bayonetta 2.

3) 2 games for the price of one is a very good value.

I actually decided to look at all the Wii U games I would want to buy and calculate all the prices. I included one Wii U controller and the console itself ($300). I did not include bundled games. Super Mario U and Luigi U are not included in the $300 console price. I used real current prices from what I saw on Amazon.

Of everything added together, the total was $1114. Not too bad actually. Most of the games were third party games as well. “Did you include Pikmin 3?” No. Who do you think I am, a Gamecube fanboy? “But what about Wind Waker HD!?” Aonuma can go jump into a lake. I don’t buy trash. Actually, the third party Wii U games are ridiculously low in price which make them a better bargain than the Nintendo games. Really, Nintendo? $50 for Wii Fit U? That price should be cut in half.

The biggest hurdle is getting the hardware and a few games. No one wants to get a console and just get one game. So you have $300 +$60 +$60 starting out and $50 if you want that ridiculously expensive Wii U controller too. $470 starting out. Yikes! It’s just too expensive.

I really wish the hardware was cheaper and the games full price. The NES sold for $100 in 1987 which is $209 adjusted for inflation. For that $209, you got Super Mario Brothers/Duckhunt, two controllers, and a light gun. The $50 for the Wii U controller just SUCKS and is taking the cost away from a software title that would have been bought instead. I don’t see why the controller is that expensive.

I do plan on picking up a Wii U sometime in the future. Probably around when Splatoon comes out. Hopefully there will be price cuts somewhere so I can spend more money on SOFTWARE instead of the fracking hardware. And frack the prices on controllers! “Oh, we want the Nintendo console to be local multiplayer console! BTW, controllers cost $50 each.”  Frack!

Here’s an idea. Have a wireless version of the Four-Score using today’s technology and have WIRED very basic controllers (think SNES type without any rumble or motion sensing). It would be like four controllers bundled in the Four-Score. Since it is all made cheaply, it could be $50 total. Also bundle a four player game with it.

I know my NES and SNES controllers use ‘less technology’ than today’s controllers. Yet, I still use them after 20-30 years. They still last. Controllers have really overshot the job they are intended to do.

Compare the Wii. Wii was $250 with Wii Sports included (the most awesome game ever!). Wii Play was $50 and came with Wii Play (omg Tanks!). You’re at $300 already with two controllers and two games (yeah, you need another nunchucka but those aren’t expensive).

Come to think of it, where is Tanks as a downloadable game? I want more tanks!



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