Posted by: seanmalstrom | July 11, 2014

Email: Ys games that were on sale on Steam

Master Malstrom,

Have you ever considered trying the Ys games? They’re fast paced, swashbuckling hack and slash games with great music. Kind of like Zelda used to be in a sense. I think they might be up your alley since Nintendo doesn’t want to make this kind of game anymore.
Don’t believe ANYONE who says the Ys games were like ‘how Zelda used to be’. The Ys games existed alongside Classic Zelda at a time. Yet, Ys games never really reached popularity for a reason.
My biggest problem with the later incarnations of the Ys games is that the assets don’t feel integrated. The ‘awesome soundtrack’ sounds like crunk rock to me and could be inserted into any game like Guile’s Theme Which Goes With Everything. If you put the music or art from Classic Zelda somewhere else, it wouldn’t look or feel right.
Play Link to the Past and then play a Ys game. Are they even REMOTELY the same in quality? No.
Don’t listen to gaming forums hyping themselves up. Negative reviews can be just as revealing as positive reviews. Why do the negative reviews of Ys on Steam say? There is a reason why the Ys games were on sale for less than $5.


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