Posted by: seanmalstrom | July 11, 2014

Rob Fahey the Cherry Picker

This article is sublime!” The hardcore are gushing all over themselves about it.

But why is Rob Fahey only comparing game data of 2014 to 2013? Gaming is a generational business. Why not try 5/10/15/20 years? It is because Fahey is cherry picking the data.

Is mobile actually getting ‘popular’ or is it because that is the only games people can afford? In the United States, less and less people can afford things like video games and have to resort to free-to-play or mobile. The disastrous drop in retail market in the United States points that something is amiss.

As Clayton Christensen explains, Japan’s economic growth was due to disruptive innovations. Since the 1990s, Japan has been focusing on efficiency innovations which is where the US is heading to now. Think automation. No mention of this from Fahey.

The people decline in Japan is very real and very troubling. A nation not making babies is going to shrink painfully. If everything was so peachy, why is Nintendo making ‘Quality of Life’? Nintendo doesn’t see a future except by selling health products to the old.

What about qualitative? When was the last big influential Japanese video game? Wii Sports was huge. As was Wii Fit. Since then? You might say Dark Souls, but I mean a game that actually sells.

People don’t like hearing talk of commercial and cultural decline but that is exactly what Japan is going through (and the United States soon as well).

How’s that Fukashima radiation working out for them? What a disaster!



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