Posted by: seanmalstrom | July 19, 2014

Email: Zelda 2 lovers: we’re out there

You’re probably getting tons of hate mail from the Zelda 2 haters since you posted my email. I’d be curious to know how many people responded positively. There seems to be a huge undercurrent of Nintendo fans who love that game, but are afraid to express it because they’ll be shouted down by everyone else who’s swallowed the “conventional wisdom” that Zelda 2 sucks.


I posted a link to your post on Facebook, thinking that the usual chorus of assholes would come out and tell me how wrong I am for liking Zelda 2. My friends pleasantly surprised me, however. I got around 20 comments on that post, and all but one of them spoke glowingly of their memories with the game.


If Nintendo released a “New Adventure of Link” with Zelda 2 gameplay and modern graphics (and maybe some optional concessions to modern gamers, like a Super Metroid-style minimap for the temples or EarthBound-style automatic killing of random enemies if you’re leveled up), I bet they’d get a surprising amount of sales.


Also, THANK YOU for your full-throated defense of Zelda 2. Literally no one else on the internet will go to the mat for that game. There are games that are far more deserving of hate than this one. Take Castlevania 2. That game is everything the Zelda 2 haters accuse Zelda 2 of being, and then some.


Zelda 2 had to be ‘different’ because it was on the same console as Zelda 1. To the people who hate Zelda 2, do they really expect Zelda 2 to be Legend of Zelda Quest 3? Super Mario Brothers 2 USA was WAY different from Super Mario Brothers 1. Yet, the three NES Mario games differentiated from each other quite well.


I don’t understand why with Wind Waker or the DS Zeldas I must ‘suspend disbelief’ and ‘accept that they are good games’. Yet, when it comes to Zelda 2 which I have played multiple times and greatly enjoyed, I am told that ‘the game isn’t that good’ and ‘it is the black sheep of Zelda’. It’s like someone doesn’t WANT us to like games like Zelda 2 but, boy, do they really want us to like Zeldas like Wind Waker!


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