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More proof of Zelda 2’s popularity

This was a link from an emailer below. It deserves its own post. It is from a story on Nintendo from the Chicago Tribune. 1989.

Reader, let’s get in the deLorean:


I recently visited or talked to employees of almost 20 toy stores in Chicago and the suburbs. The stores ranged from large discount houses like Venture in Elgin to small, privately run establishments like Klipper`s in Glenview. I asked each store if they had any games systems in, or if they carried two of the most popular cartridges, Super Mario Bros. II and Zelda II: The Adventures of Link.

The results of my survey: Out of all the stores, there was exactly one Nintendo Entertainment System on the shelves, and this happened to be one that another customer had just returned for a refund. Not a single store carried either of the cartridges.

That`s not to say you can`t find them anywhere. Some stores are receiving shipments, but they sell out almost as fast as they get them. Toys “R“ Us in Schaumburg, for instance, received 100 system units two weeks ago, but a store employee expected they would be sold out in three days.

I began each call by asking, “Do you have any Nintendos in?“ and I became intrigued by how the employees would react. Some simply laughed derisively and said, “Are you kidding?“ Others sounded bored, as if they had heard the questions a thousand times before. Others were exasperated and testy. Most, I could tell, were quite disgusted with the whole subject and would prefer never to hear the word Nintendo again.

I have bolded the above for our readers suffering reading comprehension problems. It’s there! It’s in print! Zelda 2! Sold out! Same with Mario 2.

Black sheep my ass… Black sheeps don’t fly off the shelves!

Check this out:

Here`s how the story goes: Last Christmas a local game store in a popular mall was selling some of the most requested Nintendo cartridges for $100 apiece, nearly double the list price. After hearing the story for the third time, I decided to check the story out by calling the store itself.

An employee who asked not to be identified said that no, to his knowledge they never sold any cartridges for $100, but that yes, they had sold cartridges for $70, still about 50 percent above list price. While this practice is legal-businesses can charge whatever the market will bear-it does leave a store open to charges of price-gouging.

This gets better and better. Zelda 2 was likely selling for $100 at many places. Do Black Sheep games sell at that price?

The great cartridge shortage of that time was caused by the lack of microprocessors. But soaring demand was engulfing everything.

Zelda 2 and SMB 2 for $100 each? THEY ARE WORTH IT.



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