Posted by: seanmalstrom | July 20, 2014

Email: Zelda 2 is the best Zelda

Hello Master Malstrom

Just want to add my voice to the Zelda 2 love. I’m from the NES generation and to me it’s the best Zelda game and I still play it yearly. You are right when you say that Zelda 2 is intense. The game is not hard but it will kill you if you get careless. It demands concentration, skill and reflexes. It also has the best swordfighting in any Zelda game. The diversity in attacks gives a great experience and killing those Iron Knuckles feels awsome. The spell system is great, used them all the time and they are crucial for surviving.

I love the overworld. Even though I know everything about this game, it feels like there is more to discover.

I’m sending you a scan from the Scandinavian version of Nintendo Power which shows readers top 10 and Zelda 2 is fifth. That list is from 1994 almost 6 years after Zelda 2 was released!

Zelda 2 the black sheep? Try Skyward Sword, what a piece of crap.

Also a little shoutout to Metroid. I’m currently replaying it and it’s such a great game. As a kid I was so obsessed with it that I mapped it in my head, haha.

Thank you and keep up the good work

It’s interesting to hear about the European experience with the NES. I remember Nintendo being dragged through the American courts by Atari that they couldn’t properly expand in Europe like they wanted.

Here is the image he sent me:





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