Posted by: seanmalstrom | July 20, 2014

Email: Zelda takes too long to develop

I know you’ve said this before but I think zelda takes too long to make and when the game comes out it look like it could have been made in 2 years instead of 5.

I mean If you look at Skyrim the development started in 2008 and the game came out in November 2011 and that game is open-world,populated with NPC’s,has an orchestra, has a deep upgrade system and is HD. So in 3 years it took Bethesda to make this game. 
Aonuma and his zelda team on the other hand started developing skyward sword in 2007 and it also came out in November 2011 and to this day I am baffled on why it took so long. Its not open world, there is no deep upgrade system (or any as the matter of fact), the dialogue is heavy but not as heavies as skyrim (which also had voice acting),has an orchestra,the games graphics are little bland and its not even HD. 
So in 4 years it took nintendo to make a non HD Zelda game that is not even on par with a game that had a shorter development time and was probably more expensive to make and the game sold over 20 million when skyward sword has even reached 4 million.      
3 years to develop


4-5 years to develop… Aonuma and team have no talent 


This is a very good point. What in the world is Aonuma doing this entire time? I bet he is playing with the hardware. “This Zelda is on the DS so we must MAKE IT TOUCH SCREEN ONLY.” Of course, no one asked for this. Imagine how cool a real LTTP type Zelda game would be on the DS. We never got it.  I guarantee you that in Zelda Wii U, you will be holding up the Gamepad over the TV to do ‘puzzles’. You just wait and see!



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