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Email: Zelda 2 – It could be worse

Sure, Miyamoto has convinced nearly everyone that Zelda 2 sucks, and that’s aggravating for the fans. But at least we can still play and enjoy it. He could have gone insane like George Lucas and used every resource at his disposal to replace the original with his vision of what it should have been. Although Aonuma has done that already with his games, he’ll never be able to erase the originals from existence.

Here’s a fun thought experiment. Imagine if the only Zelda 2 we could buy today was a “special edition” that played like one of the putrid DS games, and that the only way to play the original game was to dig up a working NES and a cart. Doable, sure, but a massive pain in the neck for anyone who’s not really passionate about it.

I’ll take crap from other Zelda fans over that reality any day. I’d rather just agree to disagree, but just like there’s a “silent majority” of Zelda 2 fans, there’s a “loudmouth minority” of other fans hell-bent on tearing it down. What is their problem? Are they so insecure about the games they like that they have to tear down the ones they don’t? I don’t really like Ocarina all that much, but I don’t feel the need to go after someone who likes it.

One reason is because I said it. If I said the sky was blue, people would be upset and say, “How DARE someone say that!”

There’s never been a backlash to Zelda 2. Zelda 2 was well received in its day. The Zelda brand got stronger.

There’s a modern phenomenon that if a modern politician bashes someone like Thomas Jefferson, what is going on is that the modern politician, knowing he cannot measure up to a classic icon, chooses instead to tear him down in order to bring him down to his level. Classic Zelda games must be bashed and attacked and found to be ‘full of faults’ in order to hide the mediocrity from the modern Zelda games.

Is modern Zelda fun anymore? Does modern Zelda have the replayability of the earlier Zelda games?

There is another issue I think should be brought up to Zelda fans. We consider bullshots and using CGI (pretending it is actual gameplay) to be fraud. In two instances, Nintendo showed off Zelda trailers in order to incite people to purchase the hardware but then made the game look completely different. The Gamecube trailer of the Link versus Ganon battle got people very excited. What they got, instead, was Wind Waker. With the Wii U, we got a very pretty Zelda demo of Link fighting the giant spider. What we are getting instead is an anime style Zelda.

This is worse than the Killzone  2 trailer controversy. With it happening once, Nintendo could coyly say that the graphics had a change due to creative vision. With it happening a second time, it is clearly deliberately designed to commit fraud against the customers. Nintendo KNOWS a certain art style gets people excited. It not that they are deliberately not making it, it is that they advertise the next Zelda game to be X when knowing it will be Y instead.

Aonuma says Zelda Wii U will get back to the spirit of the original Legend of Zelda. Does anyone really believe this? Especially coming from someone who has publicly stated he hated the original Legend of Zelda?

Zelda fans beware: you are being played like fools.

One thing many people cannot emotionally accept is that Shigeru Miyamoto doesn’t have any credibility anymore. Aside from blaming marketing for the failure of the Virtual Boy (really?) or pushing for another expensive sequel to the commercial dud that was Pikmin, Miyamoto has been saying ridiculous things. He has said that Super Mario Brothers 3 is not a good game due to its poor level design. Really? I think Super Mario Brothers 3 is a fantastic game and still holds up. It is more fun to play that decades old game than most ‘new’ Mario games. And I know this is a consumer opinion shared by many. The question is, “Why is Miyamoto so wrong?” Then we can modify the question to, “Has Miyamoto ever admitted or been publicly criticized as wrong?” He never has! Whenever a Nintendo game sells well, it is always due to Miyamoto’s “genius”. When a Nintendo game sells badly, it is always due to the ‘marketer’s incompetence’. I wish my career had this tidy arrangement!

Am I attacking Miyamoto? No. I am pointing out how distant he and many at Nintendo have become with the market. It is hard being an old man to be in touch with the youth. Does anyone think games like Captain Toad with its stupid puzzles are going to generate hardware sales? Nintendo’s behavior for Generation 8 has been so odd because in Generation 7, Nintendo knew how to make the correct software the market wanted. Either Nintendo suddenly lost the ability to make software people wanted or it doesn’t want to make such software. After all, Nintendo stopped making Super Mario Brothers for twenty years! What the hell!? Nintendo is not stupid. They are doing it on purpose.



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