Posted by: seanmalstrom | July 30, 2014

Email: Remember what used to signal on the box that the game inside was a quality Mario game?

Having Mario on the goddamn box. Nintendo crams out so many low effort EA style games with Mario slapped on them these days that they have to give some colored plastic to make the supposed good ones stand out from the shit pack.

And maybe I’m wrong here feel free to correct me but since when do they put those games journos awards on their boxes? You would have never seen that on Super Mario Bros. 3 or Wii Sports. Nintendo didn’t need to put such meaningless awards on their boxes because their games spoke for themselves, the mere sight of SMB3 on a shelf was a holy shit must buy now moment Nintendo is admitting 3D Mario has no such allure. Perhaps this is just another sign that they really REALLY want to be EA.

I looked up the red 3d World box and didn’t see any journalist quotes on it. Am I missing something?





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