Posted by: seanmalstrom | August 1, 2014

Starcraft 2’s Single Player is still captivating

I’m replaying Heart of the Swarm’s campaign. It absorbed me for nearly the entire day, and I’m only like 60% done with it! Damn!

Granted, I am very partial to RTS games. The Terran campaign can seem a little gritty at times because there is too much Tychus…. or something. I don’t know. I don’t think I like Raynor. There is something about the Terran campaign that is throwing me off and it isn’t the race (I mostly play Terran in single player). Maybe it is the Choose-Your-Own-Adventure type mission splits that leaves a feeling of “I didn’t fully complete this campaign.”

I think the Blizzard team should be commended for making a Zerg only campaign really compelling as it is very hard to have conversations with hydralisks. I can’t really find fault with anything they did. It’s all top notch stuff. As much as one can do for a single player campaign.

I do notice how the first three planets actually revolve around your opponent. One planet is you vs. Terran, another planet is you vs. Protoss, and the third is you vs. Zerg. The other two planets are ‘space ship battles’ and ‘special ops station stuff’.

I do like how Blizzard is introducing new things into the mythos of Starcraft. I thought the Primal Zerg worked. What I don’t particularly like is someone pressing the reset button on Kerrigan which voids the entire Terran campaign. However, Blizzard is not afraid to let characters die.

One weird thing is the NPC you get from the Zerg planet. His voice acting makes me think he is Dinobot from Beast Wars. Every time he talks, I am thinking “Dinobot!”

I think when HOTS was released, it of course will have tougher scrutiny. But the campaign is aging very well. I can see myself playing through it YET AGAIN sometime down the road. The only real failing of it was dealing with the inconsistencies of the Terran campaign (like when Raynor suddenly remembers about swearing to kill Kerrigan after Fenix died).

Bringing back Stukov was a brilliant move.

I’m hoping something happens in the Void of the Legacy (I know it is Legacy of the Void, but it seems more fitting to Starcraft for it to be the other way around) because HOTS seems like a reset button to WoL. I expect Void to start off with Zeratul being put on trial for running around chanting prophecies. The first missions will be Protoss vs. Protoss. Then Protoss vs. Zerg and Protoss vs. Terran when Zeratul tries to make alliances with both. I bet only the last six missions or so actually are about the Xel-Naga and the Evil Onessssss. I expect Blizzard to do another Tassadar with killing off Zeratul at the end.

I hear Heroes of the Storm development is delaying Void of the Legacy. Oh well.

Speaking of Warcraft the movie, have you seen its logo? It looks like it came from Starcraft.

I suppose much emphasis will be placed on the Red Vs. Blue and focusing on their perspectives. That is what made the RTS campaign story work was the different perspectives. I don’t see how that can be made on film but who knows. The director of the Warcraft movie was the same guy who directed Moon.



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