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Email: About your oldschool console controller problems…

Probably thanks to you Malstrom I’ve been getting back into Retro gaming myself these days as more and more the games that Generation Y’s Aonuma kiddies prefer are poison to my palette more often than not.

In anycase getting to the point of my email…

I wouldn’t at all be surprised if you’re already aware of this but there are PC compatible USB NES and SNES replica controllers for sale on Amazon and likely other places.

Now true many of those controllers are garbage (I know as I’ve bought and tested and am returning three of them soon) but at least two of them I can vouch for that are of solid build quality and tight controls are the ibufallo SNES usb PC controller which I believe is an import from Japan.

As for the second controller I can vouch for its an NES controller made by Retrolink.

Both of these controllers gave me fluid accurate controls for my NES and SNES emulated games on PC.

I have SNES9x and Higan but prefer to use Higan as the guy behind it is tailoring it for accuracy in best representing how the SNES system actually plays. The downside of this is it takes a pretty powerful computer to run properly on his “accuracy” setting and since my gaming computer is from 2008 I can only have the best experience using his “balanced” and “performance” setting for the program, but I just wanted to make you aware of this guy’s particular emulator which used to be known as BSNES even though you are probably already aware of it because in recent articles you’ve seemed quite down on emulation and the controls to go with it which made me think maybe you aren’t aware of the best emulators out there or all the different control varieties that there are that aim to replicate the original experience.

Hell Malstrom if what I’ve told you so far isn’t good enough for you, you can even buy a Mayflash adapter and hook a real legitimate SNES OEM controller made by Nintendo up to your PC and have you and your nephew play on that.

I was happy to read that you’ve made him aware of Zelda: Link To The Past and have actually got him playing it and how he has perhaps had our same religious like experience with the title of awe and wonder and smokey, hazey midieval sword and sorcery fantasy goodness. :D

Your big article from long ago talking about what Zelda was really about ie that feeling of power or rather getting more powerful as you go along hit the spot. Most truthful article ever made about Zelda on the internet in a sea of lies spread by Nintendo forum sycophants along with those creepy paid “viral marketers” you speak of who likely work for Sony or Microsoft if not simply the third party gaming companies.
You even highlighted how playing through the oldschool Zeldas feels like or almost like having a religious experience which is something I thought for years about the series but I don’t believe I ever saw anyone else express this sentiment for the game other than you so thats pretty amazing I’d say.
Its best he be exposed to the true gold of the Zelda series now before he ever samples Aonuma’s imposter vomit version posing as that which it will never be…and I’m referring to ALL Aonuma Zelda games with this line not merely Link Between Worlds which you may of thought…actually while writing that line I was thinking about Wind Waker more than anything else but I just had to make this extra remark for clarification purposes.

So thanks for all you do Malstrom in exposing the hack fraud Jimmy Fallon Of Japan that is Eiji Aonuma and I just wanted to do my small part in giving you some support (in the form of controller advice) for your work as well helping you and your nephew enjoy the classics better if at all possible.

Seriously Nintendo keeps making stupid decisions. They should’ve just released an SNES shaped controller with the same concave and convex button layout but simply colored white to match the Wii with some clear buttons and some white buttons, basically the same thing as now but a better superior style from the past.
Since as it stands now to play SNES games with decent accuracy whatsoever you either need an adapter to use a real SNES controller on Wii or Wii U or you simply need to do the same on PC with emulators or buy a good quality PC USB replica controller two of which I’ve made you aware of with this email.

P.S: I believe the only way to make sure you’ve gotten a true Retrolink product is for the controller to have it written ontop of it. So keep that in mind if you get yourself any USB PC NES controllers that turn out to be a dud. Chances are it won’t be Retrolink. Also keep in mind that there’s another company called Retrobit and I can’t verify for you whether they are of the same quality as Retrolink’s controller.

I use a Mayflash adapter of the Generation 2 Wii Classic Controller (one with wings) for any retro gaming on PC.

I’m currently rebuilding my NES library, and I’m going about it differently than most people. I really don’t like games that have batteries on it because these batteries last only 25 years or so. They will start to fail soon if they haven’t already. I don’t feel like soldering on new batteries. The expensive RPG games really need them such as Dragon Warrior III and IV. Screw that. Just play them on the emulator.

The rare or quirky NES or SNES games I would play on an emulator as well. How often are you going to play them?

The NES games I’m targeting are the really fun ones that benefit from original software. I consider Super Mario Brothers 3 as feeling very ‘wrong’ when not played on the original hardware due to how incredible the controls are. The same with the two Zeldas and Mega Man 3. Some other games I can think of would be the Contras, Life Force, Double Dragon 2, Bubble Bobble, the original Mario Brothers and so on. Co-op arcade multiplayer needs that original hardware or I will go crazy. People also think it is very fun to play on ‘authentic’ hardware.



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